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Long-Lasting 2D Barcoded Tubes For Low-Temperature Sample Storage

Ziath's high-quality CryzoTraqTM tubes are intended for the cryogenic storage of priceless samples & specimens at temperatures as low as -196°C.
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view Jul 14, 2023

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Incorporates QR Codes Into Their Products To Benefit Customers

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS now incorporates QR codes into its products to give customers quick access to the service department.
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view Jul 13, 2023

Google Will Enable QR Code Scanning When Using Wallet To Make Payments

For phones lacking NFC, Google will allow Wallet payment. When using GPay or Google Pay, users can pay by scanning QR codes. Here's where it's available.
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view Jul 12, 2023

Tiruchy City Street Signs to Get A QR Code for Source-Based Garbage Segregation

Tiruchy city street signs have a QR code for source-based garbage sorting. Every sanitation worker is required to scan the QR code before entering a street.
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view Jul 11, 2023

Houston Restaurants No Longer Use QR Code Menus in Favor of Paper Ones

In lieu of QR code menus, many Houston restaurants are now using traditional paper menus. They get handmade stationery, leather-bound volumes, etc.
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view Jul 10, 2023

Tampa Bay Waterkeeper Enables People To Report Pollution Using QR Codes

The Tampa Bay area's waterways have been popular as more people move there. Activists are trying to preserve the rivers clean, but they need assistance.
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view Jul 07, 2023

Mahindra Rise Launches an Ad Featuring a QR Code to Promote Its Campaign

Mahindra Rise has unveiled a print advertisement for its "Together We Rise" campaign featuring a QR code that takes readers to YouTube.
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view Jul 06, 2023

The Use of QR Codes by Indian Brands is Growing

Numerous Indian brands have already adopted QR code technology by including it in their marketing campaigns & some of them have even had an impact.
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view Jul 05, 2023

Data Matrix Barcodes on Pharmaceutical Items to Improve Patient Safety

Patient safety will increase and medication management activities will be strengthened with the use of GS1 data matrix barcodes on pharmaceutical items.
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view Jul 04, 2023

PageProof Launches An Automated Barcode Scanner For Packaging Proofs

PageProof has unveiled a new automatic barcode scanner to improve the speed and accuracy of evaluating & certifying packing proofs.
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view Jul 03, 2023