What's On the Map of "Leave the World Behind" When You Scan the QR Code?

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The over-reliance on technology in society drives psychological terror in the Netflix original film "Leave the World Behind." 

At about minute 34 of the film, a hidden QR code appears on screen, which viewers may scan with their smartphones to visit a website. 

The United States map that displays the QR code is positioned approximately above the state of Kentucky. 

The movie trailer also has a quick appearance on the map.

The QR code on Leave the World Behind

The QR code on Leave the World Behind

When the QR code is successfully scanned, viewers are sent to the website of the Mercer County, Kentucky, Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park.

The website itself is an addition to the Mercer County travel website, providing travelers with a list of recommended activities, including lodging and food alternatives in the region. 

The amusement park is a genuine place with an alleged tragic past. 

There are reports of hauntings there that are thought to be caused by mishaps and other park-related occurrences. 

Visitors can use the website to organize a tour or view activities that are specifically planned.

The main protagonists spend much of the film in New York and New Jersey, so it's not immediately clear how the location relates to Leave the World Behind. 

Rather, the shuttered amusement park provides a stronger thematic connection to the film, aligning with the notion that the globe is rapidly deteriorating due to the abrupt loss of contemporary communications technology. 

Furthermore, once-bustling places like amusement parks are a gloomy and twisted memory of peaceful surroundings converted into something far more terrible, with big cities falling victim to the horrors of Leave the World Behind first.

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Rating: 4.7 - 50Votes



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