You Can Now Withdraw Money From Interbank ATMs Using A QR Code

Aug 17, 2023 - Views: 938

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Beginning on August 7, holders of Napas cards will be able to use the Mobile Banking application to conduct interbank cash withdrawals from ATMs by scanning the VietQR code.

It eliminates the requirement for a physical card as well.

Nguyen Quang Minh, the general director of the National Payment Corporation of Vietnam (NAPAS), revealed during the launch event on Monday that NAPAS has successfully worked with member banks to build an interbank ATM withdrawal service using the VietQR code (VietQRCash).

Interbank ATM cash withdrawals via QR Code are now available

Interbank ATM cash withdrawals via QR Code are now available

Holders of Napas cards can currently utilize the mobile banking programs offered by eight banks.

They are Nam Bank, National Citizen Bank (NCB), Sacombank, Agribank, Vietcombank, VietinBank, and BIDV.

They can use their respective ATM systems to withdraw cash (notice that NCB and Nam Bank have not yet added this feature to their ATM systems).

The transaction thresholds and costs for ATM withdrawals made with NAPAS cards comply with the existing rules.

The total number of ATMs installed by the pioneer banks providing the VietQRCash service accounts for more than 60% of all ATMs now on the market. 

It is believed that this significant presence would increase client satisfaction with the ground-breaking service.

This service represents an important turning point in the process of digitizing banking-related payment products and services.

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Rating: 4.7 - 50Votes



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