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The NaCCA Will Use QR Codes To Identify Approved Textbooks

The creation of the QR code for certified textbooks is part of the country's efforts to combat the problem of unauthorized textbooks.
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view Aug 25, 2023

Large-Scale QR Code Campaign Aimed At Major Energy Company

A massive phishing attempt using QR codes that targets users' Microsoft credentials across a variety of businesses was noticed by Cofense starting in May 2023.
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view Aug 24, 2023

Launch of the Key Initiative Website and QR Code by the National Registry

During the early summer, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians released its Key Initiatives homepage and the National Registry QR code.
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view Aug 23, 2023

Phishers Using QR Codes to Target Firms in Numerous Sectors

Multiple businesses are being targeted by a phishing attempt employing QR codes with the intention of obtaining Microsoft credentials.
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view Aug 22, 2023

Microsoft Credentials Are the Target of A Malicious QR Code Hacking Effort

QR codes are undoubtedly one of the most pervasive technologies of the third decade of the 21st century.
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view Aug 21, 2023

Google Tests More Images and Scan-To-Call QR Codes for Sponsored Ads

A new QR code ad extension is under testing on Google Ads. Customers may immediately call a number supplied by a company or brand by scanning the code.
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view Aug 18, 2023

You Can Now Withdraw Money From Interbank ATMs Using A QR Code

Napas cardholders can use the Mobile Banking application to execute interbank cash withdrawals from ATMs by simply scanning the VietQR code.
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view Aug 17, 2023

Nearby Share May Let You Share Files By Scanning A QR Code Soon

Having issues with Nearby Share while sending files? Google could be working on a fix: creating a QR code that recipients can read.
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view Aug 16, 2023

Bali Visitors Will Be Required to Scan a QR Code upon Arrival to Read New Rules

The provincial government of Bali has intensified its efforts to develop tourism that is culturally based and sustainable with some big changes.
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view Aug 15, 2023

Google Is Creating An Automatic QR Code Scanner For Far-Reaching Scanning

Google is now working on a new scanner software that would instantly recognize QR codes from a distance and zoom in to read them
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view Aug 14, 2023