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Paytm Will Still Provide Its Card Machine, Soundbox, and QR Code after March 15

Paytm's merchant payment services will continue to function flawlessly and without interruption after March 15th, as confirmed by the RBI.
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view Feb 23, 2024

The Drop in Sales for Barcode Scanner Marker Zebra Technologies in Q1

As clients continue to clear out their current inventory, barcode scanner maker Zebra Technologies predicted a smaller-than-expected drop in Q1's net sales.
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view Feb 22, 2024

Barcodes Will Take the Place of Roll Numbers on Answer sheets

The Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) has implemented the use of barcodes for its 10th and 12th board exams.
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view Feb 21, 2024

Barcode Veteran Zebra Technologies Sprints Ahead in AI Innovation

Zebra is leveraging a number of exciting new technologies to capitalize on the artificial intelligence (AI) explosion. Read more here!
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view Feb 20, 2024

Singapore & Malaysia Set the Path for QR Code-Based Border Crossings

QR codes will be introduced at land border crossings between Singapore and Malaysia, revolutionizing the current passport system.
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view Feb 19, 2024

Paper-Based QR Code Ticketing at Central Park's Karunamoyee

Karunamoyee and Central Park Metro stations of EastWest Metro (Green Line) have implemented a paper-based QR code ticketing system
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view Feb 05, 2024

Apple Has Introduced a Special Anti-Counterfeiting QR Code

Apple & ZEISS have partnered to supply unique corrective lenses for Vision Pro headgear. People may get them directly from Apple when buying Vision Pro.
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view Jan 26, 2024

Mumbai University Implements QR Code Technology to Prevent Results Delays

Mumbai University (MU) changed its exam process after results from the previous season were not published on time.
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view Jan 25, 2024

Eventdex Uses Cutting-Edge QR Code Technology to Revolutionize Seating Management

Leading event management software supplier Eventdex has announced the release of their new QR code technology for simple table locating.
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view Jan 25, 2024

Samsung SmartThings Now Has a TV-Centric User Interface, QR Codes & a Map View

QR codes, TV-centric UI & Map View are added to Samsung SmartThings. A lifestyle where "entertainment & home efficiency easily coexist" is a great promise.
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view Jan 25, 2024