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BoxHero Releases An Inventory Management API Following A Barcode Generator

BoxHero Inc. has introduced two new solutions to give clients more integration and convenience: An online barcode generator & inventory management API.
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view Sep 07, 2023

Scammers Are Sending Out Barcodes To Trick MLGW Customers

According to Memphis, Light, Gas and Water (MLGW), scammers are using barcodes to defraud customers out of their money.
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view Sep 06, 2023

You'd Better Check that QR Code Before You Pay for Parking

The Better Business Bureau is advising customers to exercise caution the next time they pay for a public parking space using a QR code.
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view Sep 05, 2023

How Can the Missing QR Code Icon Be Restored in the LinkedIn Search Bar?

Has the QR code icon disappeared from your LinkedIn search bar? This could be a problem if you routinely use it to grow your network at in-person events.
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view Aug 31, 2023

Packaging Talks To The Blind Thanks To Zappar's Accessible QR Code

According to Zappar, making information on product packaging available to everyone is an important first step.
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view Aug 30, 2023

On-Pack QR Codes Will Provide Full Traceability of Meat Items Sold Online

Farmison & Co. has unveiled a new traceability system that allows consumers to use their cell phones to track where their whole cuts came from.
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view Aug 29, 2023

2D Barcoded Tubes for Storage at Ultra-Low Temperatures

CryzoTraq™ 2D-barcoded cryogenic tubes from Ziath set a new benchmark for cryogenics storage of biological specimens at temperatures as low as -196°C.
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view Aug 28, 2023

The NaCCA Will Use QR Codes To Identify Approved Textbooks

The creation of the QR code for certified textbooks is part of the country's efforts to combat the problem of unauthorized textbooks.
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view Aug 25, 2023

Large-Scale QR Code Campaign Aimed At Major Energy Company

A massive phishing attempt using QR codes that targets users' Microsoft credentials across a variety of businesses was noticed by Cofense starting in May 2023.
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view Aug 24, 2023

Launch of the Key Initiative Website and QR Code by the National Registry

During the early summer, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians released its Key Initiatives homepage and the National Registry QR code.
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view Aug 23, 2023