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Indonesians Do Not Use Cash Because QR Code Payments Are Becoming The Norm

Since this service's inception in 2019, the rate of QR payments has almost tripled annually in Southeast Asia's largest economy.
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view Jul 28, 2023

QR Code Wearing Is Cool Thanks to Levi's and Highsnobiety

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the iconic denim style, Levi's commissioned Highsnobiety to create and sell a limited-edition 501 jean.
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view Jul 27, 2023

The 'Aadhaar' Cards and QR codes Are Garlanded on Stray Dogs Outside the Mumbai Airport

20 stray dogs near the Mumbai airport got customized identification cards made by volunteers that resembled "Aadhaar" cards & were printed with QR codes.
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view Jul 26, 2023

BBMP Launches QR Code Reader To Connect With Civic Body Officials

As a one-stop platform or website to contact the civic body authorities, the BBMP has installed QR code scanners on the streets in the South zone.
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view Jul 25, 2023

Honeywell Redesigned Its Barcode Scanner to Fit on Your Finger

The Ring Scanner is a tiny wireless wearable that can be worn on the finger. It allows users to scan barcodes by merely pointing at them.
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view Jul 24, 2023

Selfridges to Launch A Loyalty Program Using A QR Code and App

To help consumers make purchases go further, Selfridges has introduced Selfridges Unlocked. It requires a Selfridges Key, a QR code, to be signed up for.
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view Jul 21, 2023

Venmo QR Code on Bench by Supreme Court to Simplify Bribery Process

The Supreme Court has installed plaques with Venmo payment codes on the front of the bench to improve the efficiency of their anti-bribery procedures.
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view Jul 20, 2023

PSA to Mandate QR Codes at Drop Sites

To visit convenience centers in Dublin & Fairlawn, residential Pulaski County PSA customers with full-volume waste accounts must show a QR code.
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view Jul 19, 2023

Diners Prefer QR Codes for Payments Instead of Menus

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina has moved away from using the technology for menus but still uses QR codes for client payments.
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view Jul 18, 2023

Nessel Issues A Warning From the FBI on Harmful QR Codes

Nessel alerts the citizens to the FBI's warning that criminals have stolen QR codes by sticking stickers with fake codes over the real ones.
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view Jul 17, 2023