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Scanbot SDK Introduces Barcode Scanner Demo App for Windows Devices

The Barcode Scanner Demo for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) is the latest demo app to be released by Scanbot SDK. Read more here!
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view Jun 30, 2023

QR Codes Are A High-Tech Solution for South Africa's Nameless Streets

Although inhabitants are unaware of many benefits in the solution, QR codes are thought to be a means to link address-less shack communities to city services.
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view Jun 29, 2023

Kenya Hopes to Increase the Number of People Who Use Digital Payments by Providing QR Codes

The KE-QR Code Standard 2023 is a new system that the Central Bank of Kenya has launched to promote mobile payments & online transactions in the nation.
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view Jun 28, 2023

Aussies Are Annoyed about Being Asked for Tips Even When Ordering Via a QR Code

Given how practical QR codes have become, many restaurants are letting customers place orders for food & beverages at their tables. But is tipping required?
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view Jun 27, 2023

Alipay's QR Code for Payment is Now Supported by Douyin

Though the feature is not yet accessible for Tencent's super app WeChat, ByteDance's short video app Douyin has supported Alipay's collection code.
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view Jun 26, 2023

Why Was the First Scannable Barcode Found on A Pack of Gum?

Learn how the barcode scanner transformed grocery store checkout in the 1980s, from circular patterns in the sand of Miami to laser death rays.
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view Jun 23, 2023

GS1 Organizes Barcode Exhibitions to Educate the Public

The GS1 Tanzania & Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner's office organized an exhibition to inform the public about the usage of barcodes in their products.
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view Jun 22, 2023

Landbank Promotes the Use of QR Code Payments in Public Markets

The Land Bank of the Philippines offers bank accounts with the ability to send & receive money via a QR to hasten the adoption of cashless transactions.
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view Jun 21, 2023

One Emirate In UAE Has Introduced A New QR Code Taxi Booking System

A transportation company in Ras Al Khaimah has launched a new technology that lets people book taxis by scanning QR codes posted all across the emirate.
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view Jun 20, 2023

The Required QR Code for Clothes Will Cost Businesses Money Once Again

Russia was planning to introduce new rules requiring mandatory labeling for products from the light sector. But it was postponed for 6 months.
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view Jun 19, 2023