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Reasons for QR Codes on Dolo, Saridon, and Calpol

To prevent fake pharmaceuticals & guarantee greater traceability, the top 300 pharmaceutical brands in the nation will now have a QR code on their packaging.
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view Aug 11, 2023

Bluffton Police Department Posts QR Code Stickers to Aid Victims of Domestic Abuse

Stickers are being used by the Town of Bluffton Police Department as part of a new campaign to aid domestic violence victims.
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view Aug 10, 2023

Your Android Phone May Automatically Zoom In To Scan QR Codes Soon

Soon, QR code scanning on your Android phone may be automated. Particularly when configuring devices like TVs, the feature will make life easier.
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view Aug 09, 2023

Parking Meters Are the Target of Scammers Using QR codes

Unaware customers are unintentionally giving their personal information to scammers by scanning QR codes placed on parking meters.
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view Aug 08, 2023

Super-Tiny Snake Clone that Fits inside a QR Code

A super-compact Snake clone written in assembly language and capable of being encoded into a QR code was recently created by developer donno2048.
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view Aug 07, 2023

AmiTT Emergency QR Code to Save Lives During an Emergency Situation

AmiTT Emergency QR Code is an innovative solution to save lives in an emergency, stated Amit Saraswat, founder of Amit Saraswat Health Consultancies.
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view Aug 04, 2023

Residents of All Trichy Zones Can Express Their Complaints Using QR Code Soon

The quick response (QR) code-based grievance redressal mechanism will now be available in all five city zones, according to Trichy Corporation.
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view Aug 03, 2023

Warning of Fake Bank Scams Using QR Codes in Vietnam

Many local police departments and banks in Vietnam have issued warnings against the bank fraud scheme of scanning QR codes.
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view Aug 02, 2023

Developers in Maharashtra Are Required to Include QR Codes on Advertisements

QR code has been provided to each real estate project in Maharashtra with the registration certificate for publishing to offer homebuyers project information.
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view Aug 01, 2023

Internet of Medical Things: The Integration of Barcode Readers in the Era of Digital Healthcare

The integration of barcode readers is one of the fundamental elements driving the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) revolution in the healthcare sector.
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view Jul 31, 2023