These AI-Generated QR Code Designs Are Very Impressive

Sep 28, 2023 - Views: 653

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Over the past several months, we've seen all kinds of strange and fantastic uses of AI, from extended record covers to deeply convincing deepfakes.

However, despite the fact that AI-generated QR codes may not seem like the most intriguing application of the technology, they are actually quite beautiful.

A Redditor published a collection of beautiful QR code designs made with Stable Diffusion, many of which were influenced by anime and manga. 

They're a long cry from the blocky, basic codes we're used to, but they nevertheless work just fine. 

An incredible QR code

An incredible QR code

While QR codes are typically used as a tool to facilitate communication, those made by Redditor r/nhcia are works of beauty in and of themselves. 

It's one of the more inventive applications of practical technology we've seen, similar to that ridiculous QR code wristwatch.

While creative QR codes are generally harmless, there has recently been a lot of criticism around AI image creation. 

Artificially generated artworks are hotly

That could be the reason Adobe is so eager to "do the right thing" with AI art.

So what is your opinion about that?

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Rating: 4.8 - 50Votes



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