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Your iPhone's Screen Is Covering Up a Secret QR Code

Apple has reportedly covered up two small QR codes in the glass of the iPhone screen, according to The Information. But they are so tiny!
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view Oct 10, 2023

Why You Should Use Caution When Making UPI Payments (QR Code Scam)

Although using QR codes to send UPI payments is the fastest and safest way to avoid giving out your phone number, scammers have devised a way to scam you.
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view Oct 09, 2023

Regressive QR Transaction Fees Hinder Efforts to Go Digital

Now, transfers under RM5,000 are free of transaction fees with DuitNow QR. When a transaction exceeds RM5,000, a fixed fee of RM0.50 is charged.
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view Oct 06, 2023

Maybank Claims to Be Waiving the Duitnow QR Fee As Well

As of right now, Maybank has said that it has no intention of charging transaction fees to merchants who accept payments using the DuitNow QR code platform.
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view Oct 05, 2023

Cambridge GaN Devices "First" Announced Barcodes

The inclusion of a unique 2D barcode on a GaN chip is another revolutionary first from Cambridge GaN Devices.
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view Oct 04, 2023

EC Begins an Investigation into Bulgaria for Violating Fair Trial Rights & Visa Barcodes

According to the European Commission, it has written official warning letters to Bulgaria requesting that it adopt the 2D barcode on the standard visa format.
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view Oct 03, 2023

Barcodes, QR Codes, and RFID Tags Have All Evolved Through Time

We can talk and gesture but products can't. The barcode was created as 2 students seeking a way to help grocery stores manage their inventory better.
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view Oct 02, 2023

GS1 UK Tests New QR Codes in Retail on Barcode's 50th Anniversary

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the barcode, GS1 UK has announced the beginning of a new retail pilot initiative for its 59,000-strong membership.
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view Sep 29, 2023

These AI-Generated QR Code Designs Are Very Impressive

Although AI-generated QR codes may not seem like the most intriguing application of the technology, they are actually quite beautiful.
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view Sep 28, 2023

Hallmark Uses Venmo for Interaction with Gen Z

Hallmark, a traditional card brand, is utilizing platforms like mobile apps & digital payments to stay up with how Gen Z consumers view gifting.
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view Sep 27, 2023