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ASEAN QR Code Innovation to Expand MSME Market Reach & Enhance Cross-Border Payments

The recently unveiled ASEAN QR Code innovation aims to expand the market for MSMEs by enabling frictionless international transactions.
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view Sep 20, 2023

A New Sign with a QR Code May Come from Discussions on Cemetery Rules

Recently, the Newton City Council discussed the cemetery laws & restrictions, which have existed for a while but may not be as widely known to locals.
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view Sep 19, 2023

Kingston Police Warned Against A New QR Code Fraud

Kingston Police have issued a warning to the public about yet another recent fraud, this time employing QR codes in phishing emails.
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view Sep 18, 2023

Messages Prepare Google Account Pairing for Web & Tablets, Likely Replace QR Codes

Google Messages for Pixel Tablet is undesirable for relying on QR code sign-in & a web app but it may be working on a Google Account-based pairing solution.
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view Sep 15, 2023

China Asks Mobile Payment Providers to Standardize QR Codes for e-CNY Payments

WeChat Pay, Alipay, etc are being urged by China's head of digital yuan to further improve their interoperability & standardize QR codes for e-CNY payments.
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view Sep 14, 2023

QR Codes Are Introduced on Lifeguard Towers in Oceanside

To inform beachgoers of the most recent circumstances, Oceanside's lifeguards have added QR codes to each lifeguard tower. Click on to read more!
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view Sep 13, 2023

Are In-Store QR Codes the Secret to PIX Payments' Popularity in Brazil?

Phoebe Hodgson, associate analyst at GlobalData, talks about how Brazil-based PIX might compete with the incumbent payment providers in that nation.
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view Sep 12, 2023

QR Codes Are a Two-Edged Sword in the Patient Care Industry

While QR codes facilitate communication between healthcare organizations & patients, cybersecurity issues might put patient data in the hands of bad actors.
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view Sep 11, 2023

A Barcode Error Caused Aldi Fresh Chicken To Be Scanned for Hundreds of Pounds

Customers showed dissatisfaction over the fact that their bills ranged from £65 to £650 for an Aldi fresh chicken product that should only cost about £6.
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view Sep 08, 2023

BoxHero Releases An Inventory Management API Following A Barcode Generator

BoxHero Inc. has introduced two new solutions to give clients more integration and convenience: An online barcode generator & inventory management API.
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view Sep 07, 2023