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QR Codes to Be Used in 22% of Phishing Attacks

According to a recent survey, harmful payloads were delivered by QR codes in 22% of phishing attacks during the first few weeks of October 2023.
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view Oct 24, 2023

More Than 100 Stray Dogs Get Collars with QR Codes in Navi Mumbai

The location of the dog's residence, its immunization history & information about the feeders that look after it are all contained in the QR code.
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view Oct 23, 2023

Recycling Will Soon Be Considerably Simpler Thanks to QR Codes

QR codes will soon make recycling simpler. With Recycle Check, you may enter a ZIP code or scan a QR code to find out if something is recycled in your area.
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view Oct 23, 2023

An Invisible QR Code System May be Used to Track Objects in the Near Future

The tracking of 3D-printed objects is made possible via a system of invisible QR codes devised by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
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view Oct 20, 2023

Networked Workspaces HR and QR Codes: Creating Connected and Agile Work Environments

Technology is changing the HR department. These days, cloud-based management systems and AI-powered hiring tools are standard.
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view Oct 18, 2023

Kolkata Metro Launches a Ticketing System Using Paper-Based QR Code

Kolkata Metro has introduced a paper-based QR Code ticketing system to streamline ticketing, starting at the Sealdah Metro station on the East-West Corridor.
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view Oct 17, 2023

Anthropologie Combines Digital & In-Person Shopping with a Pinterest Showhouse Powered by QR Codes

Retailer Anthropologie is collaborating with Pinterest to offer a new in-store shopping experience that will bring the social media site to life.
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view Oct 16, 2023

The Addition of the QX-830 Laser Barcode Scanner by Great Lakes Barcode

Recently, Great Lakes Barcode launched a scanner with various connectivity options & high-performance decoding capabilities for accurate barcode scanning.
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view Oct 14, 2023

Restaurants Use QR Codes to Combine Both Digital and Physical Channels

Restaurants are adopting QR codes to achieve their digital goals in physical establishments. Click on to read more!
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view Oct 12, 2023

Signs for Midland Planning Will Soon Include QR Codes

Anyone can scan it with their phone if they're out walking their dog or walking past the site," a municipal official said. It's a simple way to get information.
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view Oct 11, 2023