Why the Indiana Pacers' jerseys Now Have a QR Code on Them?

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The Indiana Pacers have been sporting a little QR code patch on the left shoulder of their jerseys, which basketball enthusiasts may have noticed.

You were not fooled by your own eyes. 

The Internet of Things lab and Internet start-up workshares Launch Fishers and Spokenote, both founded by John Wechsler, have incorporated a QR code into their logo.

Wechsler and the Pacers came to an agreement whereby Spokenote will sponsor the team's jersey patch instead of the Motorola patch that was previously used. 

The deal's duration and terms were not made public.

During their victory over the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night at Gainbridge Fieldhouse, the Pacers debuted the patch.

Indiana Pacers now wear a QR code on their jerseys

Indiana Pacers now wear a QR code on their jerseys

According to Wechsler, game images or live streaming during games may be used to access the QR codes on jerseys. 

Videos of team activities, including game highlights or behind-the-scenes footage, will be included.

Large Spokenote decals at each baseline of the Pacers' home floor are also included in the package.

According to Pacers executives, the collaboration was an opportunity to support a local business in the Indianapolis region.

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Rating: 4.6 - 52Votes



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