Invigilators Will Receive Computerized IDs with Distinct QR Codes

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To promote fair tests, the UP Board will implement computerized identity cards for invigilators that have distinct QR codes and serial numbers. 

These identification cards, which would stop replication and impersonation, will be given to about 2.75 lakh invigilators. 

In order to deter cheating, the cards will also list the invigilator's teaching subject, enabling other teachers to fill in for them. 

Exams will be held in two sessions over the course of 17 days, from February 22 to March 9. 

More than 55 lakh students have registered to take the examinations.

The UP Board has chosen to use computerized identity cards with distinct QR codes and serial numbers for the invigilators this time. 

It is in an effort to maintain fairness in the administration of the high school and intermediate examinations.

According to authorities who confirmed the action, almost 2.75 lakh exam room invigilators who will be on duty this year would receive these identity cards.

Computerized IDs with QR codes for invigilators

Computerized IDs with QR codes for invigilators

The identity card's QR code and serial number would guarantee its uniqueness, prohibit duplication, and resist any attempt at impersonation by anybody attempting to taint the examinations, the UP Board secretary Dibyakant Shukla stated.

One week before the official commencement of the examinations, the district inspectors of schools (DIOSs) in charge of that district would download these identity cards from the board's official portal and give them to the relevant invigilators in accordance with the established protocols.

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