MTA Uses QR Code-Like Technology to Help Commuters Access Trains & Buses

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Bus and subway routes in New York City will soon be equipped with new technology. The MTA is experimenting with a new system to improve mobility for all New Yorkers.

Commuters can't help but notice something that incorporates vibrant codes.

Throughout several transport hubs, such as the 72nd Street station, they are prominently displayed on mezzanines, platforms, and high above turnstiles.

Most people find the mosaics to be mysterious.

Tyrone Wilson of Chelsea said, "I've also seen it at the Second Avenue station."

"I wasn't sure if it was like spam or something," Tanja Whited from the Upper West Side added.

MTA using technology similar to QR codes

MTA using technology similar to QR codes

Chief accessibility officer of the MTA Quemuel Arroyo continued, "I love that our customers are curious about what product we're deploying out in the system."

As you board buses and trains, Arroyo advises you to become accustomed to seeing the codes everywhere.

Like QR codes, a free app links your phone to NaviLens and NaviLens GO. The phone then detects the locations even more quickly and simply and converts the visual data into an audible and accessible form.

According to Arroyo, "It speaks to the customer." "Low vision and blind customers who are using the code to help get wayfinding navigation system both on the sidewalks to find at the bus stop or an entrance to the subway and throughout the subway system to navigate those stations."

Also, Arroyo stated that it was intended "to deliver independence to our low vision and blind New Yorkers and visitors so they can too move around on their own time."

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Rating: 4.6 - 50Votes



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