Packaging Talks To The Blind Thanks To Zappar's Accessible QR Code

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A traditional QR code is combined with a series of dots and dashes around one corner of one side of the code to create an accessible QR code. 

According to Zappar, the addition of a few dots and dashes makes it possible to scan this single machine-readable code using a phone's camera, Google Lens, or QR scanner as usual.

Also, it has the capability for apps using the software development kit (SDK) known as Zapvision.

It can identify the same codes at a wider distance and utilize the accessibility capabilities on the device for audio help, larger fonts, contrast adjustments, etc.

Zappar makes the case for accessible QR codes

Zappar makes the case for accessible QR codes

Standard QR codes are typically printed at 15mm on product packaging (to be easily scanned by both iOS and Android devices). 

This QR code may be read with regular scanning from a distance of about 15 cm.

Further, with Zapvision, the initial detection distance can be increased by x7 to around 1,015 cm in order to recognize the product category. 

The user is directed to a distance of about 65 cm using an audio cue, which is still more than 4 times the standard scanning distance for regular QRs. 

At this moment, precise product information is made available so that users can access all pertinent product data.

This implies that for the first time, those who are blind or partially sighted can access product information using the QR codes on the packaging. 

Millions of blind people across the world struggle daily with a problem that other consumers take for granted. 

This is a challenge that technology can address to create more equal product packaging.

Even though the intentions may be excellent, the restricted space might make it challenging to justify the inclusion of additional items on a package, which is one of the largest challenges facing companies. 

From a business perspective, shrinking the size of the logo and other significant branding components detracts from the appeal of an accessible solution.

What do you think about it?

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Rating: 4.6 - 50Votes



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