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Reasons For Including Barcodes On New Royal Mail Stamps

Royal Mail has warned about the unusability of old version stamps. Here are reasons why all new stamps have barcodes as older ones to be discarded.
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view Feb 01, 2023

A New QR Code Will Have Colors And Hold More Data

According to the Japanese inventor, new QR codes would have more colors and perhaps a rectangle shape instead of the current black & white square pattern.
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view Jan 31, 2023

A QR Code Is Installed Outside Dorothea Puente House

In order to provide interested visitors with further information, Dorothea Puente's home has just put a QR code. Click on to read more!
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view Jan 30, 2023

Welch's Fruit Snacks Ties Giveaway To QR Code-Enabled Ads

Through QR code-enabled TV ads, Welch's Fruit Snacks is promoting a giveaway promotion. It's timed to coincide with the Super Bowl on Feb 12.
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view Jan 27, 2023

LumApps Releases QR Code Login Feature for Mobile App

A new QR code login function is being introduced by LumApps, a top employee experience platform, to boost uptake among front-line & deskless workers.
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view Jan 23, 2023

Beaconstac To Land $25M For A QR Code Management Platform

Beaconstac, a platform for managing and creating QR codes for companies, has raised $25 million in venture funding. Keep reading for more information!
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view Jan 22, 2023

Android Users Will Soon Transfer WhatsApp Chats Via QR Code

Chat transfer is a feature that WhatsApp is developing. By scanning a QR code, users of this functionality can move chats between devices. Read more.
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view Jan 21, 2023

Reporting QR Codes To Be Used At Gtech Community Stadium

In an effort to facilitate fan reporting of problems and criticism, Gtech Community stadium introduced reporting QR codes on seats. Keep reading...
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view Jan 20, 2023

Things Small Business Should Note About New Barcode Stamps

After January 31, 2023, old stamps without barcodes will no longer be accepted. As a small business owner, discover what you must do right now.
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view Jan 19, 2023

QR Code To Simplify Home-Buying Experience In Real Estate

Top real estate agents are increasingly utilizing QR code technology as a powerful tool to connect with clients and streamline the home-buying process.
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view Jan 18, 2023