The Use of QR Codes by Indian Brands is Growing

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Although QR Codes are not a new idea in India, the technology has been extremely popular after COVID-19 reached the country. 

As contactless experiences became more popular, QR Code technology made a resurgence, and brands rapidly realized their full potential.

Due to its rising popularity, a flood of QR Code generators and scanners appeared on the internet and in app stores for users and companies to use.

By the year 2033, QR Codes are anticipated to be quite important in the marketing environment, according to a recent study.

Numerous well-known Indian firms have already adopted this technology by including QR Codes in their marketing campaigns, and some of them have even had an impact.

Swiggy, Dunzo, Bajaj Auto, and Tata Neu are a few of the brands that have effectively used QR Codes to advertise their products and services.

QR codes have been popularly used in India these days

QR codes have been popularly used in India these days

Recently, the quick e-commerce startup Dunzo made a sensation in mainstream advertising in India by using QR Codes.

It successfully managed a marketing campaign during the 15th IPL season. 

A QR Code with the message "Inconvenience is regretted, Convenience is not" came out of nowhere as the viewers' screens crashed and blurred. 

For only 20 seconds, the QR Code was visible on the screen.

When scanned, it took users to the app's landing page. Dunzo's website traffic grew ten times due to their QR Code-focused campaign.

Dunzo’s QR code campaign

Dunzo’s QR code campaign

Another example is the Bajaj Pulsar brand, which is renowned in India's auto sector for its creative advertising. 

A QR Code that led viewers to more video content was included at the end of the television ad for the brand-new Pulsar N160.

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