Russian Railways Uses QR Codes for Boarding: Such a Digital Leap

Dec 27, 2023 - Views: 397

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Russian Railways (RZD) has started laying the foundation for perhaps enabling passengers to board trains using a QR code from the "Gosuslugi" mobile application to digitize and simplify the passenger experience. 

The RZD press office verified this information, emphasizing a deliberate attempt to incorporate digital solutions into the nation's railway network.

The initiative is part of a larger global and Russian trend toward digital transformation in some industries. 

Not only would it make boarding trains easier, but passengers could find a greater level of convenience if they could use a QR code from a smartphone application. 

In a society where efficiency and speed are valued more and more, this may revolutionize public transportation.

QR code-based boarding by Russian railways

QR code-based boarding by Russian railways

Still, there are several difficulties in putting this plan into action. 

The RZD is now developing the legislative framework required to experiment with this kind with pertinent government ministries. 

The legislative component of the initiative is essential since it would guarantee that the procedure conforms with all applicable laws and guidelines.

Specifics on the implementation and timetable for the experiment have not yet been released because the project is still in the planning stages. 

However, the action is a clear step toward Russia's public transportation system being more digital and user-friendly.

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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