MCS Announces Its QR Code Functionality

Dec 19, 2023 - Views: 564

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MCS Rental Software, a UK-based software expert, has added a QR code scanning functionality to its offering.

According to the firm, the function allows customers to affix a distinct QR code to any piece of equipment.

After that, rental users may use the code to have instant access to a variety of resources, such as user manuals, certifications, and other pertinent data.

The business added that it has made sure the new function empowers the customer and encourages rental providers to maintain brand consistency.

Every time a customer interacts with the rental equipment, the firm's image is reinforced since the stored information that can be retrieved through the QR code may be tailored to incorporate company branding. 

MCS launches QR code faeture

MCS launches QR code faeture

According to Nick Thomson, director of sales at MCS Rental Software, the introduction of QR code technology in equipment rental operations is a step towards better efficiency and happier customers. 

Also, it will enhance customer experience, provide a value-added service, and facilitate quick and simple access to information. 

It streamlines processes, upholds brand consistency, and improves customer service for rental firms. 

Likewise, easy access to thorough information helps clients save time and improves their entire rental experience. 

It's a win-win situation that will spur company expansion and establish new benchmarks for customer service.

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Rating: 4.5 - 53Votes



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