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How many type of barcodes do you know? Each type of barcode is used for different purpose. Thus, follow this page to have a comprehensive guide about type of barcodes, their function, their purpose and which one is suitable for your business. Let's check it out!



What is a data matrix code? Pros and cons of MD barcode

What is a data matrix code? Data matrix code is used a lot in our life but many people are confused about it. Get a guide on meaning & benefits in this post.
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How do barcodes work? Facts retail store owner should know

How do barcodes work? It is difficult for those who are new to running a retail business to grasp how barcodes function and what role it serves. Check out this post, we have it covered!
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Aztec Bar Code: Basics of a 2D Barcode Symbology [GUIDE]

An Aztec bar code is a 2D matrix code so named since the finder code in the middle looks like the aerial view of an Aztec pyramid. Discover more about it here!
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The Basics of Barcode Symbologies: 4 Common Barcode Types

There are several distinct forms of barcodes known as barcode symbologies. But do you clearly understand barcode symbology? Read this post now to check!
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What Is UPC Codes? Things That No One Would Tell You

What is UPC codes? They are the most commonly used at retail point of sale & online stores in many countries. Let's discover more about UPC meaning!
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When Were Bar Codes Invented? A Short History of Barcodes

When were bar codes invented? Are you curious about barcode technology and want to know who created it? Read this post & find the answer you want!
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Tracking UPC Basics: An A to Z Guide for Beginners [UPDATED]

Tracking UPC enables you to quickly gain the necessary information about any item, like size, color, etc. If you want to discover more, read this post now!
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How To Calculate Code 128 Check Digit? A Step-By-Step Guide

Don't know how to calculate code 128 check digit? Then you've come to the right place. This article guides you on using and calculating this code. Read on!
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Barcode Sizes Explained: An Ultimate Guide [DISCLOSED]

What are the barcode sizes? Do you want to know the dimensions your barcode should be to make it ideal for your product? Read this post & find the answer you want!
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Font For Barcode: Things You Should Know About It [Explained]

Choosing the right font for barcodes is important to generate high-quality barcodes for your products in your business. Let’s read on for details!
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