Understand more about type of barcodes with Barcodelive

How many type of barcodes do you know? Each type of barcode is used for different purpose. Thus, follow this page to have a comprehensive guide about type of barcodes, their function, their purpose and which one is suitable for your business. Let's check it out!



Barcloud ASAP: An Useful Asset Management Solution [GUIDE]

You want to use Barcloud ASAP for transferring money, but you don’t know anything about it? Let’s learn more about everything about this system in this post!
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view Oct 28, 2022

Inventory scanning system? Here’s all you need to know about it

The inventory scanning system supports tracking the inventory in your business. Let’s find out the useful information in this article.
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What is MICR string? How does it work? [Comprehensive guide]

MICR string is beneficial and used a lot in our life but many people confuse about it. Get a comprehensive guide on meaning, benefits, & operation in this post.
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Barcode country of origin: What is it and How does it work?

Do barcodes indicate a product's country of origin? Understand more about barcode country of origin from meaning, how does it work and benefits in this post.
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5 Common Type of Barcodes [A Definite Guide 2022]

We see barcodes frequently on ads, packages, tickets, etc. But what are the most common type of barcodes? Check out this post for the right answer!
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