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Can You Wear AirPods with A Tragus Piercing? 9 Tips Using AirPods

Can you wear AirPods with a tragus piercing? Yes, you can only if your piercing wounds are completely healed. Find out 9 tips for wearing AirPods safely.
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view Oct 09, 2023

How To Wear AirPods? 5 Ways To Keep AirPods From Falling Out

How to wear AirPods correctly? Have your AirPods ever fallen out of your ears while you run or simply sit and feel the music? Learn 5 super-simple ways below.
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view Oct 09, 2023

How to Connect AirPods to LG TV with & without Bluetooth (5 Ways Explained)

Good news! Non-Apple devices like LG TVs can be used with your AirPods. Check out how to connect AirPods to LG TV with & without Bluetooth here!
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view Oct 06, 2023

How to Pair Mismatched AirPods in 4 Effortless Steps?

You've lost one of the original AirPods? Don't worry! With our post on "How to pair mismatched AirPods",  you can connect 2 different AirPods to the same case.
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view Oct 05, 2023

How to Connect AirPods to PS5 without Adapter? [Fully Explained]

You can’t connect AirPods directly to PS5. Yet, if you’re determined to use them with PS5, here is how to connect AirPods to PS5 without adapter!
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view Oct 04, 2023

How to Turn on AirPods Without Case? [iOS, Android, Windows]

You had your AirPods in your ears but realized you'd left the case behind. So how to turn on AirPods without case? Here are some easy steps you can try!
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view Oct 03, 2023

How to Mute AirPods in 4 Possible Ways [with Detailed Guide]

Apple AirPods don't have a mute button, which is why people keep asking how to mute AirPods. This post covers 4 easy ways you can try to mute the volume.
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view Oct 02, 2023

How to Disable AirPod Tracking: 4 Potential Ways to Avoid Being Tracked

Given the location tracking feature of the AirPods, users could worry about their security. Learn how to disable AirPod tracking in 4 SIMPLE ways now!
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view Sep 29, 2023

How to Find AirPods on Android in 4 Ways? Android Users Should Not Ignore

Finding your missing AirPods might be tricky if you have an Android phone. But here are 4 EASY ways on how to find AirPods on Android that you can try!
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view Sep 28, 2023

How to Rename AirPods on Android, iOS & Windows in Simple Ways? [with Pictures]

No matter how AirPods are well-named, sometimes you need more personalization. Get a tutorial on how to rename AirPods on Android, iOS & Windows now!
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view Sep 27, 2023