Due to his love of whisky, Sir Walter Millard visited Scotland in 1883 in an effort to find the best Scotch Whisky. 

His inquiry led him to the Royalty of Scotch Blenders, a mix created by James MacKinlay of the second generation of the Leith blending family.

Sir Walter's second great interest, fly fishing, is similar to the process of making whisky in that it takes time and cooperation with nature to achieve the greatest results. 

This is what led him to choose the name "Black Dog" for the blend in honor of his preferred fly.

Earlier known as Black Dog Centenary, Black Dog Black Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml - 8902967100439 is a bold, well-balanced blended whisky with remarkable flavor.

Brand Highlights

United Spirits Limited (USL) is the company that bottles and markets Scotch whisky under the name Black Dog. 

James MacKinlay mixed and bottled the Black Dog Scotch Whisky brand for the first time in Scotland in 1883, but until 1992, it has been bottled and sold in India.

According to International Wine & Spirits Research, Black Dog had the world's fastest volume growth rate for Scotch whisky in 2013.

Scotland-based whiskies are utilized in the blend.


This drink starts off sweet with a fragrance of caramel, chocolate, honey, and dark raisins. 

It then becomes wheat-like, malty, and creamy. 

The foreground is dominated by smoke, charred wood, and a faint sense of peat, while the fragments of orange peel and an almond-like nuttiness make much of the backdrop.


Black Dog Black Reserve has a lot of vanilla and caramel flavor but is also fairly fruity, sweet, and smooth. 

Along with orange tanginess and woody black grapes with a winey flavor typical of sherry cask age, it also tastes like shards of wood that are lightly spiced.


Except for Black Dog Black Reserve, Black Dog Scotch Whisky is available in three other variations:

Customer Questions and Answers

How to drink Black Dog Black Reserve?

Black Dog Black Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml 8902967100439 can be taken neat, as a cocktail, or mixed with coke.

No matter how you consume it, it is still a wonderful option for someone looking to get into whiskies, given that the blend has a significant amount of sherry and is nominally peaty.

Is Black Dog a good whiskey?

For events and gatherings, the Black Dog is the ideal scotch whisky.

Is Black Dog whiskey sweet?

Yes, it is. It is quite smooth, sweet, and fruity.

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