What To Mix With Fireball Whiskey? 10+ Must-Try Mixers

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Are you wondering what to mix with Fireball whiskey?

Fireball whiskey is delicious as a shot, but if you know what to combine with it, you can take it to a whole new level of sophistication.

So, in this post, we will show you 10+ mixers and 6 best Fireball Whiskey recipes that will perfectly give you a new flavor for your beverage!

Let’s find out!

Fireball Whiskey mixers

Fireball Whiskey mixers

How Does Fireball Whiskey Taste Like?

Fireball drinkers describe the beverage in one word: it tastes like drinking red hot candy! The alcoholic beverage blends the cinnamon's sweet flavor with a hint of spiciness because it contains a lot of spice.

Fireball is packaged at 33% ABV (less strong than other types, such as Black Dog, Imperial Blue Whisky, etc.)  and tastes quite similar to the Atomic Fireball, a Canadian sweet.

A Canadian bartender made the whiskey because he needed something to help him get through the long, chilly days.

Professionals employ the standard whiskey-making processes to create Fireball: collect alcohol, ferment it, and then add various sweeteners and cinnamon tastes to give it its distinctive flavor.

Fireball Whiskey taste

Fireball Whiskey taste

Although it's not the most well-known beverage in the world, it's amazing and can make you feel better, and liven up any party. 

Try it if you can!

What To Mix With Fireball Whiskey?

Below are 15 best mixers that you can try to make the perfect drink with Fireball Whiskey.

Let’s discover!

Lemon-lime Soda/Lemonade 

If you have ever asked what to mix with Fireball Cinnamon whiskey, the spiciness of it is superbly balanced by the zesty notes of lemonade and lemon-lime soda.

To make a tangy, fiery adult lemonade, combine three parts lemonade or Sprite with one component of Fireball in a tumbler with heaps of ice.

By serving it frozen, you may play around with this mixer even more. Just mix everything together until you get a smooth shake.

A dash of grenadine can be added if you enjoy pink lemonade.

Pineapple Juice 

Although pineapple and whiskey seem like an odd combination, they really go well together in Fireball thanks to the fiery cinnamon flavor.

One of Fireball's most popular beverages, Char'd Pineapple, is described on the company's official website as having a two-to-one mix of Fireball whiskey and pineapple juice.

Also, you may serve it in shot glasses the following time you host a gathering. Add a shot of rum to the beverage if you're up for something a little bit more daring.

Pineapple Juice 

Pineapple Juice 


You can warm up on chilly winter nights by making a hot toddy with just hot water, honey, lemon, and whiskey.

Also, this drink may keep the sniffles at bay.

If you're managing your weight, tea, and Fireball is one of the less sweet beverages on our list that you should try.

Baileys Irish Cream

Although Irish coffee and espresso martinis come to mind when you think about Baileys, this creamy, sweet liqueur may be incorporated into a variety of beverages.

Fireball's spicy-cinnamon flavor complements the vanilla and chocolate flavors in regular Baileys, but Baileys Vanilla Cinnamon also pairs quite well.

Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream


RumChata is a spiced liqueur created with rum and dairy cream. However, when you try it with Fireball, the mixer will take you back to the flavors of milk and cereal as a kid!

To make one at home, combine RumChata and Fireball in an equal amount in a glass.

If you want to make a sweet Cinnamon Toast Crunch, you can dip the rim in some cinnamon and sugar powder.

Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate flavored with Fireball was created by Canadians as a cozy after-dinner beverage on chilly days.

The peppery taste of the whiskey goes incredibly well with creamy chocolate.

On the burner, warm up some hot chocolate, pour it into a big cup, and add some Fireball. Add some cinnamon and whipped cream to finish things off.

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate


What could be a better combination than whiskey and Coke? When combined with Fireball, the soda does more than merely mask the alcohol because Fireball's spicy flavor pairs well with the cola's sugary sweetness.

The key is to use the proper proportions for your cocktail - three parts cola with one part whisky when pouring the drink over ice.

Then, you will have a drink that doesn't have a lot of cinnamon flavor but yet lets the spice shine through, combines three parts cola with one part whisky when pouring the drink over ice.

Ginger Beer/Ginger Ale

You can make delicious Fireball mules by mixing ginger beer and ginger ale. The Fireball website claims that adding cinnamon whisky to ginger ale or ginger beer will elevate the spicy beverage to a new level.

If you believe ginger beer has a strong flavor, choose the sweeter ginger ale. Try experimenting by including additional components, like triple sec or pineapple juice.

Mix Fireball whiskey with ginger beer

Mix Fireball whiskey with ginger beer

Hard cider

Two basic ingredients - a shot of Fireball and Angry Orchard Apple Cider - make up the Angry Balls drink.

Just combine a pint of the cider with a shot of alcohol, top with ice, and drink up!

Don't take their word for it, though - feel free to explore with any kind of hard cider. Better still if you have a favorite because you already enjoy the flavor!

Orange Soda/Orange Juice

Orange juice is a traditional ingredient in many cocktail recipes, including those for tequila sunrises and screwdrivers.

For a basic two-ingredient beverage, mix orange juice and Fireball. A nice cocktail recipe may be created by adding some maple syrup and adding a cherry and an orange peel as garnishes.

Orange Soda/Orange Juice

Orange Soda/Orange Juice

Apple Cider

The key to making amazing Fireball-apple cider drinks is to use fresh ingredients. For cold cocktails, blend your preferred quantity of apple cider with a shot of Fireball, then add ice.

Warm beverages are great for chilly weather; simply heat some apple cider on the stove, pour it into a big mug, and add whisky to taste. It will be similar to eating an apple pie piece in liquid form.


Your favorite brewed coffee will have the much-needed cinnamon flavor if you add Fireball to it.

Add Baileys or your preferred creamer to your coffee if you enjoy cream in your coffee as much as we do. If you like iced coffee, you may also add ice.

Mix Fireball whiskey with coffee

Mix Fireball whiskey with coffee

And if you have asked “what to mix with peanut butter whiskey”, coffee is also a good choice for this question!

Carrot Juice

Although the pairing of whiskey and carrot juice may seem strange, we assure you that it is everything but.

In a large tumbler with ice, combine equal portions of the vodka and carrot juice. It's like drinking an earthy baking spice!

Cream Soda

Fireball's hot, cinnamon-flavored flavor contrasts perfectly with the sweet flavor of cream soda.

This classic drink can be made by simply combining one part whiskey with three parts cream soda.

By placing it in a shot glass and adding whipped cream on top, you can also serve this beverage as a decadent dessert.

Mix Fireball whiskey with cream soda

Mix Fireball whiskey with cream soda

Hot Sauce

Although the hot sauce is not the ideal combination with Fireball, it still has a distinctive flavor!

In a shot glass, simply combine Fireball and spicy sauce and sip it straight up.

Spice fans will enjoy this since it has a strong burn - but don't try it as a full-sized drink, no matter how courageous you think you are.

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Best Fireball Whiskey Recipes

Because of its versatility, Fireball whisky is a popular cocktail component. 

With its powerful cinnamon flavor and sweetness from added sugar, it can create many recipes that taste like candy in a glass. 

Keep reading below to know the top best Fireball whisky recipes that everyone will love.

Fireball and Bailey's Irish Coffee

This combination of freshly brewed, robust coffee, silky smooth whipped cream, and a dab of Bailey's Irish cream is the material that dreams are made of. 

This wonderful coffee drink gains an unexpected dimension when a tiny quantity of Fireball whiskey is added. The result will be as smooth-drinking as a nightcap.

Hot Tamale Fireball Cocktail

Hot Tamale Fireball Cocktail

Hot Tamale Fireball Cocktail

Do you have any memories of your childhood sweet Hot Tamales? Fireball whisky makes this the version for adults.

It is a twist on a classic and tastes like cinnamon candy and is suggested to be served cold. 

Despite that, even with ice, the flavor is the same as if someone had distilled Hot Tamales in their basement and then added rubbing alcohol for flavor.

Fireball Cinnamon Roll Shake

Instead of being a blended drink, this Fireball Cinnamon whiskey cocktail is more like a dessert. 

If you like grandma's delicious baked cinnamon buns, you'll adore this dessert drink. It's sweet, creamy, and spicy, ideal for you.

Apple-Cinnamon Red Hot Shot

If red is your favorite color, try a straightforward red hot shot; it's flavorful and enjoyable to drink. 

Use Fireball whiskey to make a cinnamon Apple-Cinnamon Red Hot Shot! 

These are incredibly delicious and would be a sweet accent for Valentine's Day!

Orange Cinnamon Old-Fashioned

Orange Cinnamon Old-Fashioned

Orange Cinnamon Old-Fashioned

With bourbon, dashes of orange bitters, soda, and orange peel for garnish, this Cinnamon Spiced Old Fashioned drink will keep you warm on even the chilliest days this season.

If the finished beverage is too sweet for your preferences, leave out the sugar cube.

Snickerdoodle Cookie Cocktail

RumChata and Fireball whiskey make a great combination. 

For a beverage that tastes just like mom's baked cookies but has more kick, try this RumChata recipe.

6 best Fireball whiskey mixers

6 best Fireball whiskey mixers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Can you mix Fireball whiskey with anything?

It is technically possible to combine Fireball with anything, but there is no assurance that the result will be delicious.

We recommend that you stick to our tried-and-true list of the finest Fireball mixers above.

2. What is Fireball whiskey and Coke called?

According to Fireball's website, Fireball, and Cola is a more appropriate name. The sweetness of Coke is the ideal complement to its smoky cinnamon flavor.

Is Dr. Pepper and Fireball good?

Actually, when Fireball whiskey is mixed with Dr. Pepper, it adds a lot of cinnamon flavor and a lot of sweetness. 

But, it also succeeds in blending everything together to provide a wonderful medley of warm tastes.

Final Words

Fireball Whisky has a distinct spicy cinnamon taste profile that goes well with almost everything, including hot chocolate, cream liqueur, and lemonade.

Now that you know what to mix with Fireball whiskey, try to see which cocktails you like best. You also can explore other mixers to create your new favorite beverage!

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