Generate Code 128 Barcode Font For Excel In 7 EASY Steps

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Excel does not come with a Code 128 barcode font by default, which is commonly used in industries such as healthcare, logistics, etc.

To generate Code 128 barcode font for Excel, users must install a specialized font. 

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using Code 128 barcodes and provide a step-by-step guide on how to install and use the Excel code 128 barcode font.

A guide on generating Excel barcode font code 128

A guide on generating Excel barcode font code 128

What Is Code 128 Barcode Font?

Code 128 Barcode Font is a type of barcode font that is commonly used in businesses and organizations. 

This barcode font allows users to create Code 128 barcodes in programs such as Excel (or Code 128 font Excel). 

The Code 128 barcode is a high-density linear barcode that can hold large amounts of data in a compact format. 

This makes it ideal for use in applications where space is limited, such as on product labels or in inventory management systems. 

Code 128 Barcode Font is easy to install and use, and it can be integrated into a wide range of applications. 

By using Code 128 Barcode Font for Excel, businesses and organizations can streamline their inventory management and product tracking processes, ultimately saving time and increasing efficiency.

Code 128 barcode

Code 128 barcode

There are three subsets in the Code 128 Barcode Font: Code 128A, Code 128B, and Code 128C. Each subset includes a different set of characters and is used for different applications. 

  • Code 128A: is used for alphanumeric data, including uppercase letters, numbers, and control characters. 

  • Code 128B: is used for full ASCII data, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. 

  • Code 128C: is used for numeric-only data and allows for double-density encoding of numbers. 

By using the appropriate subset for a given application, businesses and organizations can ensure that their barcodes are accurate and efficient.

Subsets in the code 128 Excel

Subsets in the code 128 Excel

If you cannot distinguish Code 128 and Gs1-128, the post difference between code 128 and GS1-128 is for you.

How to Generate Code 128 Barcode Font for Excel?

Create your own Excel Code128 barcode generator by following these 7 steps:

Step 1

You should first download Code 128 Font and extract the downloaded folder into the C:WindowsFonts folder after that.

If not, extract the downloaded folder, copy the Code 128 font, and then paste it into the C:WindowsFonts folder.

If the administrator permissions window appears, choose Continue.

Step 2

Make sure Excel's Developer module is turned on.

Step 3

Make a new Excel sheet in Microsoft. Make a table with the following titles and structure:


Barcode string

Barcode Presentation






Step 4

Choose Visual Basic from the Developer tab on the ribbon. It will consequently launch the Visual Basic window.

Step 5

Choose "Insert Module" by performing a right-click on "Modules" in the tree on the left. Paste this code:

Paste this code to create code 128 for Excel

Paste this code to create code 128 for Excel

Step 6

Reopen your Excel document and add the following formulas:

  • Insert =Code128([@Barcode]) into cell B2 ("Barcode String").

  • Insert =[@[Barcode String]] into cell C2 ("Barcode Presentation").

  • Insert the following code in cell D2 ("Check"): =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("Â",[@[Barcode Presentation]],1)),"Error!","")

The formulas ought to duplicate all of the columns. Save the sheet.

Step 7

Column C should be highlighted, and "Code 128" should be the typeface. Now, when you enter information into cell A2, a barcode ought to appear in cell C2, and so on down the length of the full sheet.

You might need to close Excel now and reopen it if this doesn't work.

Above is how to generate Excel code 128 barcode font. Also, you can see how to generate GS1-128 barcode in our upcoming post in Barcode Live. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. How to configure code 128 in Excel?

You can shift the pointer to "Barcode size" and "1D Barcode" after creating Code 128 pictures. Change the margins, width, height, etc. 

Moreover, by selecting "Apply title ()" enabled, GS1 Application Identifiers and some special characters are encoded. Click "Update" after that.

2. What is code 128 recommended size?

Code 128 should be a font size of 24 pt or more. A barcode that is approximately 10mm (0.4") high will result from this.

Why is my barcode font not working in Excel?

A missing or misplaced start, stop, or check digit is the most frequent reason for a barcode typeface to not scan.

Every barcode typeface demands a unique start character, and a stop character and the majority also demand a computed check digit. So, ensure that the barcode fonts are printed using the appropriate format.


In conclusion, the Excel barcode font code 128 is a powerful tool that can streamline business operations, improve inventory management, and reduce errors in data entry. Hope that this article has provided valuable insights on how to install and use the Code 128 barcode font for Excel.

Rating: 4.6 - 52Votes



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