What To Mix With Vanilla Whiskey For A Perfect Drink? [7 Ideas]

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What to mix with vanilla whiskey? This is a fine question if you want to get a mixture of vanilla whiskey. 

You only need to use simple ingredients to add to the vanilla whiskey and enjoy its attractive flavor. 

Look into 7 ideal recipes in this article to understand more.  

Things you can mix with vanilla whiskey

Things you can mix with vanilla whiskey

Cherry and Vanilla

Barrel-aged spirits like bourbon derive much of their flavor profile from the vanilla-like compounds contained in the charred barrel wood in which they were aged. 

Cherry brings out the sweetness. You can find both cherry and vanilla in syrups, extracts, and bitters. Also, they can appear in cocktails or as flavorings incorporated directly into spirits.

Cherry and Vanilla

Cherry and Vanilla 

Chestnut and Vanilla

Chestnut liqueur is common, but it's not often used in cocktails. 

Pick up this bottle and swap the plain syrup for chestnut liqueur and the regular bitters for vanilla bitters. 

Also, this pair of shines can get good equality alongside rum.

Fig and Vanilla

At first glance, gin doesn't seem like a great match for the duo. 

But blogger Sarah Hauser made an interesting simple syrup made from figs and vanilla beans and paired it with gin, orange bitters, and tonics for a great cocktail. 

Made for the combination of fig and vanilla, as the cocktail bar menu attests.

Almond and Vanilla

Almond extracts and vanilla are the main players of eggnog. Orgeat, known as almond syrup, is one of Tiki's building blocks.

You can also find out what to mix with apple whiskey in Barcode Live!

Fig and vanilla 

Fig and vanilla 

Orange and Vanilla

There's a reason we have iconic frozen treats in these two flavors. This combination is classic and has been recreated in cocktails in more ways than you may imagine. 

But given the variety of pairings and overall deliciousness, it's fairly simple to seek a vanilla orange drink that's just right for you. Available in floats, coladas, margarita riffs, slushies, and starter classic cocktail variations.

In addition, you can use orange, lemon juice, or apple cider if you don’t know what to mix with salted caramel whiskey. 

Cinnamon and Vanilla

The words "cinnamon and vanilla" would often be followed by the words "hot toddy" in an ideal world. 

This combination is sufficient to make you really look forward to the colder months.

You can use cinnamon to mix with vanilla 

You can use cinnamon to mix with vanilla 

Ginger and Vanilla

Vanilla and ginger make a killer combination in a vodka martini, balanced by a touch of honey to make it perfect in whiskey. You can enjoy a similar taste of this recipe in Black Dog with the flavorful ingredients. 

Now, look at this infographic to summarize the 7 best recipes with vanilla whiskey!

What to mix with vanilla whiskey?

What to mix with vanilla whiskey?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Is Crown Royal Vanilla strong?

Crown Royal Vanilla is a solid whiskey with a mild and pleasant taste rich in caramel, maple, and vanilla sweetness. 

It doesn't have the bitterness or burning sensation of a typical strong whiskey, but it's a strong blend with 40% ABV and 80 proofs per 750ml.

2. Is Crown Royal vanilla sweet?

Crown Royal Vanilla opens with intense vanilla bean aromas and subtle oak notes. 

The palate begins with a delicious, not-too-sweet vanilla note followed by the smooth finish that is the hallmark of Crown Royal. 

The mouthfeel is pleasantly warm, and the aftertaste is reminiscent of creme brulee.

3. Is vanilla good with whiskey?

Vanilla works well with whiskey. It gives spirits a sweet, vanilla ice cream-rich flavor reminiscent of custard.

Also, vanilla whiskey is readily available to satisfy any drinker's cravings.


The above are 7 common and great formulas you can try to mix with vanilla whiskey. The complete mixture can give you a great taste and high nutritional value. 

So, what to mix with vanilla whiskey? You can use almonds, ginger, cinnamon, orange, etc to mix with vanilla whiskey to enjoy a perfect drink.

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