What To Mix With Apple Whiskey? 9 Mixers You Should Enjoy

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What to mix with apple whiskey for a better taste?

Apple whiskey is a whisky that has been blended with natural apple tastes. It can be savored on its own but combining it with cocktails results in a different kind of enjoyment.

If you're wondering what to blend with this whiskey, we will give you some helpful suggestions in this post.

Let’s check it out!

What to mix with apple whiskey?

What to mix with apple whiskey?

How Strong Is Apple Whiskey?

Apple Whiskey is a delightful whiskey with a taste that complements the same apple hues while also evoking the aroma of crisp, juicy green apples. 

It also has the distinctive flavors of conventional Jim Beam bourbon.

Crown Royal Regal Apple Flavored Canadian Whisky (35% ABV / 70 proof) is an example of Apple Whiskey, which is not an extremely strong beverage.

It is comparable to that of the majority of other alcoholic beverages with fruit flavors and lower than that of the typical strong whiskey such as Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash (62.5%), Black Dog Black Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky (42.8%)...

This Canadian apple whiskey has a strong fruit taste and is brewed using apples. This is an ideal beginning for anyone unfamiliar with pure full-proof whiskey. 

Crown Royal Regal Apple Flavored Canadian Whisky

Crown Royal Regal Apple Flavored Canadian Whisky

What To Mix With Apple Whiskey?

Do you want to try something new? 

Here are some options to think about if you're looking for anything to blend with Crown Royal Apple.

Cranberry Juice

The apple taste is supposed to go well with cranberry juice.

The acidic and tart flavors of cranberry juice complement the sweet and fruity tastes of Crown Apple.

You should try this balanced and refreshing beverage since cranberry juice helps to balance out the sweetness of apple whiskey.

Lemon-Lime Soda

Lemon-lime soda is a fantastic mixer since it has a light, refreshing flavor that blends well with the apple notes in Royal Apple. 

In addition, the carbonation in lemon-lime sodas can assist to give the mixture a little fizz and body.

Lemon-Lime Soda

Lemon-Lime Soda

The finish is tangy and sweet, with a strong apple flavor. The creamy, somewhat sweet flavor of the Crown Royal balances the sharpness of the lemon-lime soda.

Vanilla Whiskey 

Vanilla whiskey is a wonderful mixer because it has a smooth, mellow flavor that pairs well with other liquors. 

Also, it has a creamy texture that makes drinking it simple.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what to mix with vanilla whiskey because you can mix it with Crown Royal Regal Apple.

Crown Royal Regal Apple and Vanilla Whiskey is a delightful mashup of two fantastic tastes. The Royal Apple lends a hint of sweetness and acidity, while the vanilla whiskey gives the beverage a smooth, rich flavor.


Rumchata combines nicely with a range of various cocktails and can help to enhance the flavor of those components. It has no artificial flavors or colors.



The Rumchata's cinnamon and nutmeg tastes go well with the apples in the Crown Royal, and the Rumchata's creamy texture gives the beverage a smoothness.

A tangy and sweet apple pie is how Crown Royal Regal Apple tastes when combined with Rumchata.

Apple Cider

The Crown Royal Regal Apple cocktail is the ideal addition to your fall drink menu.

The apple cider mix adds the apple's natural sweetness to the drink, while the Crown Royal adds a smooth, upscale flavor.

A spray of Crown Royal Regal Apple will give your apple cider a wonderful, crisp flavor that will satisfy any pallet.

Bitters & Sugar Cubes (Old Fashioned)

The Crown Royal Old Fashioned Cocktail is a traditional whiskey drink that mixes the smooth flavor of Crown Royal, bitters, and sugar cubes.

This easy-to-make recipe can be enjoyed any time you want.

Bitters & Sugar Cubes (Old Fashioned)

Bitters & Sugar Cubes (Old Fashioned)

The sharpness of the bitters complements the sweetness of the sugar cubes well, and the apples add a refreshing and delicious flavor- a great take on a classic.

Fresh Lemon Juice (Crown Apple sour)

The Crown Apple Sour is a tart, tangy mixture with a strong apple taste. Although it's not too sweet, the apple flavor is obviously present. 

Fresh lemon juice is quite cooling on its own and has a nice balance of sweetness and acidity. The lemon flavor in this mixture is also powerful and slightly sweet. 

It is a great summer beverage since it is tangy and reviving.

Simple Syrup Mint Leaves (Mint Julep)

Being a concentrated form that readily dissolves in liquids, simple syrup makes a wonderful mixer for Crown Apple. Moreover, it has a neutral flavor, thus the drink's flavor is unaffected.

Simple Syrup Mint Leaves (Mint Julep)

Simple Syrup Mint Leaves (Mint Julep)

On a hot summer day, the Crown Royal Apple Mint Julep is one of the most refreshing cocktails you can enjoy. 

The smooth flavor of Crown Royal Whiskey is the perfect match for the mint and apple notes.

Crown Apple Cocktail Recipe

When it comes to Crown Apple cocktails, this is the ideal choice for every occasion. The combination of apple, delicious cranberry juice, and citrus creates a lively and delectable apple whiskey beverage.

Best recipes with apple whiskey

Best recipes with apple whiskey

Do you want to know what to mix with peach whiskey? Refer to Barcode Live for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What do you mix with Jack Daniels apple?

For a sophisticated and filling aperitif, you can mix Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple with tonic water on top. 

Fill your highball glass halfway with ice cubes, then pour 50 ml of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Apple. Then, add 150ml of tonic water and garnish with apple slices.

2. How do you drink Applejack Old-fashioned?

You can mix the apple brandy, maple syrup, and bitters in a cold mixing glass and sip it that way. 

Fill halfway with ice and whisk for 18 to 25 seconds. 

After that, pour into a cold rocks glass filled with ice, preferably one huge cube.

3. Is Crown Royal Apple good to drink straight?

Certainly, you can drink it neat, but this Canadian whiskey shines in cocktails!

Crown Royal's vanilla, brown sugar, and oaky overtones complement a wide range of cocktails, from traditional cocktails to innovative mixed drinks.

Final Thoughts

Several various types of mixers may be used to prepare easy crown apple cocktails, but the ones listed above will be some of your personal favorites. What to mix with apple whiskey would you like the most? Whatever your taste, there is bound to be a mixer that will meet your requirements.

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