What To Mix With Scotch: Top 13 Perfect Ideas You Should Try

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What to mix with Scotch if you want tasty and smoky blenders? When you think about this drink, soda is the first ingredient you choose to mix. 

Yet, this article will introduce you to 13 must-try ideas to have a perfect mixture out of soda. 

See below for details! 

Things you can mix with Scotch

Things you can mix with Scotch

What To Mix With Scotch?

Do you know the difference between Scotch and Irish whiskey? Scotch is made from water and malted barley, while Irish whiskey is a malt grain sour mixture, including barley, wheat, and corn.

You can use many familiar ingredients to mix with Scotch for a perfect mixture with great taste. 

Below is the complete list you should consider and choose to combine with your Scotch. 


Adding water to Scotch has little to do with directly hitting your taste buds. 

According to a report by The Guardian, guaiacol, the flavor molecule flavor giving Scotch its unique smoky flavor, typically binds to alcohol compounds. 

Alcohol dominates the pour top without water, trapping the flavor molecules underneath.

So, adding water to Scotch is one of the most popular ways to enjoy it. 


Using coffee with Scotch whiskey can add smoky notes, and medium roast balances the caffeine. It depends on the situation. 

Yet, you should be aware that making this hot alcoholic beverage involves more than just mixing Scotch or other whiskeys such as Black Dog with coffee. 

Contrary to popular belief, the technique should be carefully considered and use particular ingredients.

Mix coffee with Scotch

Mix coffee with Scotch


A classic Scotch-based sour cocktail with a foamy top layer, usually created to whip egg whites with air and curls. The recipe "cheats" on lesser-known (increasingly popular) alternative aquafaba unsweetened whipped cream substitute.

Aquafaba is made by soaking chickpeas in water to thicken them. You probably wouldn't normally drink it straight, but it works as a mixer. 

If you have the time, you make your own. Yet, aquafaba is easily available in canned chickpeas.

Grapefruit juice

Modern mixologists have replaced off-the-shelf sour mix bottles with simple syrups, including sugar and water with the same ratio and real citrus juice. 

There are some citrus juice types, but grapefruit juice has an exquisitely sour taste. The grapefruit juice acidity complements Scotch so well that it has actually become the main mixer for the classic cocktail penicillin.

Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice

Sour mix

Similar to Coca-Cola soft drinks, adding contrasting flavors enhance Scotch peaty nature. This is the case with old-fashioned sour mixes adding tart notes to the overall flavor. 

Yet, sour mixes pre-blended with industrially produced citrus tart flavors and sweetness are also among the older generation. 

It still exists on liquor store shelves as a hassle-free, near-instantaneous way to create sweet-sour-smoky trifecta in a Scotch sour.


Scotch Coke Classic Rum Cola combination is delicious. Scotch's vanilla oak and spicy finish perfectly complement Cola's sweet caramel notes.

Coke goes well with whiskey drinks (especially bourbon). Scotch-Cola sweetness mix cut with squeezed lime.

Coke with Scotch

Coke with Scotch

Orange juice

A citrus juice sweeter than grapefruit, orange juice has a fruity taste, much like smoky Scotch wine and champagne with mimosas. Not only that, but choosing fresh orange juice with pulp also adds viscosity. 

The pulp brings more fiber to the orange juice and more flavonoids, which may sound like it has something to do with flavor, but it really isn't.


What to mix with whiskey besides soda? Ready-made heart seltzers are ideal for mixing with whiskey. 

Unlike Coke, it is a neutral, flavorless carbonated beverage that, except for dilution, has little difference from the original flavor of Scotch. 

The only true neutral sparkling water is seltzer. For a frothy experience with minimal flavor shift, combine with Scotch.

Mix Seltzer with Scotch 

Mix Seltzer with Scotch 


Citrus fruits with their juices don't necessarily have to be used to turn scotch or other whiskeys into sour cocktails. Scotch is not a savory spirit, but it should also be included on this list. 

Lemonade already inherently contains sweet and sour flavor components, hinting at smoky elements and a wood barrel finish. Adding notes makes the final brew balanced and refreshing.


Sour and sweet are not the only Scotch complementary flavors. Bitterness also balances flavor notes unique to Scotland. 

In cocktails, incorporating this flavor element's primary means is adding aptly named bitters to the glass. 

Two drops change your cocktail flavor in amazing ways. This is a fully infused spirit enjoyed on its own or mixed with Scotch. 

Ginger beer

Ginger beer is one of the main ingredients in Moscow Mule cocktails (along with vodka), showing versatility when mixed with other spirits. 

When mixed with tequila, it becomes a Mexican mule. Kentucky Mule mixed with bourbon, in addition to gin-to-gin mule. 

If you're preparing a mule, scotch, or other beer, remember that it's essential to use ginger beer. The latter is ginger-flavored carbonated water. 

Make Scotch with ginger beer

Make Scotch with ginger beer


Orgeat is the new bitter, not because it adds bitterness to cocktails, but because it's an easy way to quickly change your Scotch drink flavor. 

Orgeat is an almond-based syrup that is sweet instead of bitter and adds a nutty flavor to the overall taste. 

It's the main ingredient in Cameron's Kick, a classic 1920s cocktail featuring lemon juice, Scotch, and Irish whiskey as well. 

Coconut water

Coconut water from the warm, tropical Caribbean Sea may seem like a unique Scotch combination to get a delicious cocktail.

Blended Scotch's inherent sweetness complements the coconut water smoothness for a mild drink working equally well on either the Atlantic side.

Best Scotch Cocktails 

Now, let’s check out some excellent cocktails with Scotch whisky!

8 best Scotch Cocktails

8 best Scotch Cocktails

Penicillin Cocktail

  • Ingredients: Lemon juice, honey ginger syrup, blended Scotch whiskey,  Islay Scotch, ice, candied lemon peel for garnish

  • It tastes delicious. Combining ginger, honey, and lemon juice keeps you “fiddle-healthy,” as Grandpa used to say.

Scotch Old-Fashioned

  • Ingredients: Blended Scotch Whiskey or Bourbon, Simple Syrup, Aromatic Bitters, Orange Bitters, Orange Peel

  • This version has a rich, smooth taste that comes off easily and brings a little blush to your cheeks.

Scotch old-fashioned

Scotch old-fashioned


  • Ingredients: amaretto, lemon zest for garnish, blended Scotch

  • Made only with scotch and amaretto, it tastes smooth, sweet, and stronger than it looks.

Scotch Sour

  • Ingredients: lemon juice, grapefruit bitters, simple syrup, lemon twist for garnish, Scotch whiskey

  • Scotch sours have intense, unusual flavors that are difficult to describe. However, its unique, nuanced taste is popular!

Scotch sour

Scotch sour

Rusty Nail

  • Ingredients: Drambuie, Scotch Whiskey, or Bourbon

  • Its taste is similar to honeyed whiskey and is smoother than you might imagine.

Blood and Sand

  • Ingredients: sweet vermouth, garnish orange twist, cherry liqueur, bourbon, Scotch, orange juice, 

  • Whipping is almost instant with a short and simple recipe. This mixture tastes smoky and tart. 

Blood and sand cocktail

Blood and sand cocktail

Mamie Taylor

  • Ingredients: Lime juice, ginger ale, blended scotch whiskey, garnish lime wedges

  • This drink tastes sweet, lemony, and slightly spiced combining lime juice, Scotch, and ginger ale. 

The Presbyterian

  • Ingredients: bourbon, Scotch, rye, ginger ale, Soda

  • This gorgeous translucent drink tastes sweet, diluted scotch, but it also has various flavors.

Presbyterian cocktail

Presbyterian cocktail

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. How to drink Scotch?

You can drink your Scotch neat with cool water sips between. Also, you may add water drops to your Scotch to help its taste better. 

2. How do you make Scotch taste good?

You can add ice, water, and bitter agents to your Scotch. Also, use a whiskey glass with stones, and some garnishing for a perfect drinking experience. 

3. What soda goes well with Scotch?

Unsweetened soda goes well with Scotch. Club soda is the easiest choice, but plain soda from a soda machine is also excellent. 

Sparkling water tends to be less carbonated but is a good option. Try various Scotch with other whiskey styles to find your favorite for different moods.


Apart from the classic soda, you may mix Scotch with various ingredients such as lemon juice, coffee, water, coconut water, orgeat, ginger beers, and more. 

Knowing what to mix with Scotch is useful to help you experience the refreshing drinking taste and new recipes.

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