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Minerals are necessary for a healthy body, yet excessive mineral intake can be just as damaging. 

Thus, it's crucial to be aware of the sources of your water and the purification procedures used when selecting your drinking water. 

When compared to RO-filtered water, tap water could not be safe for direct ingestion and might lack all the necessary minerals.

And here comes the most reputable brand of mineral water in India, Bisleri Mineral Water.

The brand goes through a ten-step, a highly sophisticated quality process to eliminate impurities, extra minerals, and salts to give you Bislery Packaged Water - EAN 8906017290064 of the highest caliber.

The Bislery drinking water
The Bislery drinking water

Brand Highlights

Bisleri International is an Indian company that is most known for its own line of bottled water. Ramesh Chauhan founded the business in the 1970s, and it offers bottled water and soft beverages for sale.

With 135 operational plants, a network of 3,000 distributors, and 5,000 distribution trucks, Bisleri conducts the majority of its business in India.

Also, Bisleri sells its goods on various online retailers' websites and through its own ecommerce platform.

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Product Benefits

Bisleri mineral water helps stop the buildup of toxins, which improves immunological performance.

Mineral water also gives the body energy, removes pollutants, and promotes urination more frequently when consumed frequently.

The Bisleri gives the body energy
The Bisleri gives the body energy

With electrolytes and beneficial minerals to nourish and hydrate the skin, this sort of water will quickly make your face look younger and lighter.

Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that sparkling water may help with other indigestion symptoms, such as stomach pain.

Especially, Bislery packaged water is put through 114 quality tests and a 10-step purification process to guarantee purity in every drink.

Compared to its competitor like Aqua - Air Minum Dalam Kemasan, Bislery packaged water is put through 114 quality tests and a 10-step purification process to guarantee purity in every drink.

Bislery Package Sizes

  • Bisleri 20 Litre Water Can

  • Bisleri 10 Litre Water Can

  • Bisleri 5 Litre Water Can

  • Bisleri 2 Litre Water Bottles

  • Bisleri 1 Litre Water Bottles

  • Bisleri 500ml Water Bottles

The Bisleri size variants
The Bisleri size variants

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Customer questions and answers
What does Bisleri 1 litre contain?
Ozonated water and minerals like magnesium and potassium are both included in a Bisleri 1-litre bottle. These components are essential for the body's typical operation.
What is the TDS level in Bisleri water 1 litre?
The total dissolved solids (TDS) level indicates how much TDS is present in the water. And the Bisleri TDS levels up to 120 PPM are maintained in a 1 liter bottle.
Is Bisleri water good for health?

Bisleri packaged water - 8906017290064 is excellent for human consumption. 

The water's beneficial minerals are what make it so healthy and a fantastic option for drinking, and helps with digestion.



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