AQUA - Air Minum Dalam Kemasan [GUIDE 2023]

Mineral water is produced naturally without the use of chemicals and comes from underground reservoirs.

As the title implies, it can contain significant concentrations of minerals and other naturally occurring substances, such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, bicarbonate, chloride, sulfate, and fluoride.

Natural mineral water may have certain health advantages because of the distinctive combination of minerals and organic compounds in it.

So learn more about one of the best-selling mineral water products, Aqua - Air Minum Dalam Kemasan (Mineral Water) - EAN 8886008101053 if you're interested in this type of water!

The Aqua Air Minum Dalam Kemasan

The Aqua Air Minum Dalam Kemasan

About Manufacturer

A global French company that manufactures food goods, Danone S.A. is headquartered in Paris. A Sephardic Jewish doctor named Isaac Carasso (born Zak Karasu) founded it in 1919 in Barcelona, Spain.

In the US, some of the company's goods are sold under the Dannon name.

As of 2018, Danone sold goods in 120 markets and generated €24.65 billion in revenue.

Both national and international brands are included in the Danone brand portfolio. A few of its well-known international brands are Activia, Alpro, Danette, Danone, Evian, and Volvic.

The Danone manufacturer

The Danone manufacturer

AQUA (Indonesia), Bonafont (Mexico and Brazil), Blédina (France), Happy Family (USA), Silk (USA), and others are some of its local or regional brands.

About Product

AQUA mineral water was produced by nature, apart from human contact, and it brings goodness to life in the way that nature intended.

With around 50 years of experience, the brand shows the goodness of nature and safeguards it with cutting-edge integrated technology in manufacturing and quality control, bringing you a completely new level of purity in every bottle.

In order to ensure that everyone in Indonesia has access to the highest quality mineral water, AQUA has made it a top priority to maintain and preserve the natural balance.

AQUA has spent 50 years preserving 11 billion liters of mineral water for more than 34 Indonesian regions, earning AQUA a spot among the top 50 most valuable brands in the country.

AQUA air mineral water was produced by nature

AQUA air mineral water was produced by nature

It is also the leading manufacturer of bottled mineral water in Indonesia thanks to the incorporation of 21 water springs spread around the country.

Water Analysis


140 Mg/l

Calcium Ion

35 Mg/l


14.6 Mg/l


40 Mg/l


18.9 Mg/l


23 Mg/l

Product Sizes

Plastic Bottles:

  • Aqua - Air Minum Dalam Kemasan 330 ml

  • Aqua - Air Minum Dalam Kemasan 600 ml

  • Aqua - Air Minum Dalam Kemasan 750 ml

  • Aqua - Air Minum Dalam Kemasan 1500 ml

Plastic Cup Packaging: Aqua - Air Minum Dalam Kemasan 220 ml

Gallon Packaging: Aqua - Air Minum Dalam Kemasan 19 liter

The AQUA size variants

The AQUA size variants

Product Variants

  • AQUA Gallon

  • AQUA Life

  • AQUA Reflections

If you want to try something similar, go for the Aquafina Purified Plastic Bottles (5 Tall).

Customer questions and answers
Does Danone own Evian?
Yes, Evian is currently owned by Danone, which is a French multinational corporation.
Is AQUA an Indonesian brand?
Under the direction of Mr. Tirto Utomo, AQUA started its journey in 1973 and eventually became Indonesia's first manufacturer of bottled mineral water.
Is it OK to drink mineral water every day?
In general, drinking mineral water is safe. There is very little evidence that drinking pure mineral water has any immediate detrimental health effects.



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