Kingfisher Strong Beer Reviews: Detailed Guide

With the barcode beer 8901020108009, Kingfisher Strong Beer is one of the most searched products on Barcode Live in terms of drink.

KF strong beer is a classic alcoholic beverage. When you enter a hotel room, the first beer you would see in the minibar is Kingfisher.

To be completely honest, it is the world's most well-known and delicious old-fashioned beer. 

Read on to find out more about this special beer as well as its barcode beer price!

barcode beer 8901020108009

About Manufacturer

United Breweries, or UB Group, is an Indian corporation with its headquarters in Karnataka. 

Beverages and investments in many industries are its core business. 

The business also owns a number of other alcoholic beverage brands and sells beer under the Kingfisher name. 

The largest brewery in India is United Breweries.

India is United Breweries

Kingfisher Beer Ingredients

Kingfisher strong beer ingredients are: Water, Malted barley, Rice/Maize, Sugar, Ethyl alcohol (generated in the process), Hops and Yeast

SKU's Available

Kingfisher beer strong is available in both bottle and can versions.

  • Kingfisher beer bottle ml includes 650 mL (Kingfisher beer bottle barcode 8905002001005), 330 mL

  • Kingfisher can beer includes 500 mL (Kingfisher can beer barcode 8905002001029), 330 mL

Kingfisher can beer includes 500 mL

In addition to the traditional KF strong beer, you can try Kingfisher Blue beer, which is brewed for those seeking adventure and are of the outdoors kind.

Kingfisher Beer Price

Kingfisher strong beer price varies based on the package and bottle size. Below are the details:

Check its price on or take reference to the table below:

Kingfisher can price 330ml

Rs 110.00

Kingfisher can price 500ml

Rs 140.00

Kingfisher bottle price 330ml

Rs 110.00

Kingfisher bottle price 650ml

Rs 185.00

You may be surprised to know that a glass will affect how you enjoy your beer! Certain beers should be served in glasses made for them.

Still, some of the most well-known beer glasses set today on Amazon are JoyJolt Callen and Le'raze Drinking Glasses Set.

Customer questions and answers
Kingfisher - What is the strongest beer in the world?
The most strong beer in India of Kingfisher is the Kingfisher Extra Strong, which is brewed from the highest quality hops and malted barley.
How to drink Kingfisher strong beer?

Like other the strongest beer in USA, Kingfisher Strong - bar code beer 8901020108009 will be best served if kept below room temperature, which is around 55-60F.

What happens after drinking Kingfisher beer?

Not only in Kingfisher beer but the alcohol in beers may cause drowsiness and sleepiness.

What beer has the highest alcohol content?

While Kingfisher beer alcohol percentage is up to 8%, there are still many other highest alcohol beer. 

Here is the list of the highest barcode beer alcohol percentage:

  • Brewmeister Snake Venom: ABV 67.5%

  • Armageddon: 65% ABV

  • Start The Future: 60% ABV

  • Schorschbock 57: 57.7%

  • The End of History: 55%

How many calories in a 650ml Kingfisher Beer?
Kingfisher strong beer calories are 284 calories in 650 ml of Beer.
How to scan Kingfisher beer barcode?

You can use a regular barcode scanner app like Barcode Live to read the code of most products.

You can also go for a Kingfisher scanner app, which is specifically designed to scan the bar code beer.


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