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With the barcode 8901020108009, Kingfisher Strong Beer is one of the most searched products on Barcode Live in terms of drink.

Beer from Kingfisher is a classic alcoholic beverage. When you enter a hotel room, the first beer you would see in the minibar is Kingfisher.

To be completely honest, it is the world's most well-known and delicious old-fashioned beer. 

About Manufacturer

United Breweries, or UB Group, is an Indian corporation with its headquarters in Karnataka. 

Beverages and investments in many industries are its core business. 

The business also owns a number of other alcoholic beverage brands and sells beer under the Kingfisher name. 

The largest brewery in India is United Breweries.


Water, Malted barley, Rice/Maize, Sugar, Ethyl alcohol (generated in the process), Hops and Yeast

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Customer Questions And Answers

Which is the strongest Kingfisher beer?

The strongest Kingfisher beer is the Kingfisher Extra Strong, which is brewed from the highest quality hops and malted barley.

How to drink Kingfisher strong beer?

Like other strong beers, Kingfisher Strong beer 8901020108009 will be best served if kept below room temperature, which is around 55-60F.

What happens after drinking Kingfisher beer?

Not only in Kingfisher beer but the alcohol in beers may cause drowsiness and sleepiness.

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