New EU Packaging Laws & The Digital Barcode Revolution

Dec 22, 2022 - Views: 594

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Unprecedented technological advancements and digital transformation in all industries have occurred during the last ten years.

Similar to how mobile technology and the internet have become essential components of daily life, people have developed new digital habits.

As a result, there is a global shift toward making information more accessible while leveraging technology to achieve it.

EU laws lead to the revolution of barcode

EU laws lead to the revolution of barcode

This shift may be seen in the new EU packaging regulations that oblige firms to give consumers more information on packaging in an effort to cut waste and boost sustainability.

Luckily, firms can future-proof themselves against these impending developments by implementing 2D-QR codes.

They allow consumers to access information stored digitally on packaging via smartphones.

For brands, 2D-QR codes will alter the playing field. They enable information to be kept digitally, freeing up space on the package while simultaneously offering total conformity with evolving international laws.

The relationship between a brand and its customers will ultimately change as a result of 2D-QR codes. 

Companies will be able to comply with ever-evolving legal requirements and give customers data-rich information.

Additionally, it protects and informs customers, enables them to make better purchasing decisions, and increases their sense of connection to the businesses they do business with.

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