When we think about Indian chips, Uncle Chipps is the first company that springs to mind. When discussing this crispy food, the well-known tagline "Bole Mere lips, I love Uncle Chips" still rings in the ears of TV fans.

In fact, Uncle Chipps 8901491400008 is the only brand of chips that many people are familiar with.

Brand Highlights

PepsiCo introduced Uncle Chipps in 1992 in India. But, PepsiCo's snacks division, Frito Lay, bought it in October 2000. 

Although PepsiCo sells puffy snacks like Lehar and Kurkure, potato chips are still the most well-known and successful product category in the company's snack division.

In India, Uncle Chipps was the first company to market potato chips in nitrogen-foil packaging. Since its creation in 1992, it has been a favorite among all age groups.

Product Variants

  • Uncle Chips Plain Salted

  • Uncle Chips Spicy Treat


Uncle Chips Plain Salted enjoys the traditional flavor of potatoes with a dash of unique flavors. They are the ideal plain salted wafers because they are the perfect saltiness level.

On the other hand, Uncle Chipps Spicy Treat has a chatpata hot flavor that lingers in your mouth as a sweet tangy flavor.

How To Combine Uncle Chipps Spicy Treat With Other Edibles?

There are a variety of inventive ways to pair this spicy delicacy with a common fare. For instance, Uncle Chipps tastes delicious when mixed with tea, and coffee, as well as sodas like Pepsi, Thums Up, Limca, or Sprite.

Children also enjoy eating this crunchy delight with cheese spread. They enjoy Uncle Chipps with a cheese dip as well.

How about a mouth-watering flavor blast? Put Uncle Chipps in a dish and spread it out. 

Go through your pantry and add any ingredients you choose to the chips, such as crushed basil leaves, oregano, chili flakes, garlic powder, and Cayenne.

You can add some shredded cheese on top, microwave it for a quick minute, and enjoy the delectable dish.

Last but not least, combine Uncle Chipps well with sliced tomatoes, chopped coriander, cucumber slices, finely chopped onions, and some spices. 

Even some salad dressing will perk things up. Enjoy the nutritious mixture as much as you want.

Customer Questions and Answers

What does Uncle Chipps contain?

Ingredients of Uncle Chipps Spicy Treat are: 

Potato, Edible Vegetable Oil, Milk Solids, Spices & Condiments (Tamarind Powder, Onion Powder, Cumin Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Garlic Powder, Turmeric Powder, Large Cardamom Powder, Ginger Powder), Salt, Black Salt, Sugar, Citric Acid.

Are Uncle Chipps good?

Without a doubt, Uncle Chipps is everyone's favorite! They have been around for a while and have consistently provided amusement and nice memories.

Why are Uncle Chipps banned in India?

To ensure that children develop healthy eating habits from an early age, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has outlawed the sale of products like potato chips and soda to students.



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