Nourish skin inside deeply with Scarlett body lotion

People of different ages and social backgrounds in Indonesia have trusted Scarlett Body Lotion. Many Scarlett Whitening products have received hundreds of thousands of positive reviews from clients.

Especially, many attractive Indonesian actresses also endorse Scarlett Whitening products, including Sharena Delon, Zaskia Mecca, and Felycia Angelista. 

So why not experience the benefits of natural substances for the health and beauty of your skin right away?

Scarlett body lotion

Scarlett body lotion


This body lotion is packaged in a plastic bottle with a pump so you can conveniently dispense the desired amount of product.

The whole ingredient list, expiration date, and usage instructions are all listed on the bottle.

With its unlock and lock functions, the pump also offers double protection. You may lock and unlock it by rotating right or left.

Product Benefits

Scarlett body lotion nourishes your body skin

Scarlett body lotion nourishes your body skin

The Jolly's Scarlett Whitening Body Lotion has a high concentration of Glutathione, Vitamin E, and Niacinamide to assist in the care of body skin. 

For this reason, regular usage can help nourish, hydrate, and brighten the body's skin to its fullest potential.

Despite having a creamy, thick texture, it absorbs quickly into the skin and doesn't cause any greasy feelings. The aroma lingers for around five hours.

Product Variants

Scarlet body lotion variants

Scarlet body lotion variants

As mentioned earlier, this product is available in different fragrances. Here are some:

  • Scarlet Brightening Fragrance Body Lotion Jolly

  • Scarlet Brightening Fragrance Body Lotion – Happy

  • Scarlet Brightening Fragrance Body Lotion – Fantasia

  • Scarlet Brightening Fragrance Body Lotion – Freshy

  • Scarlet Brightening Fragrance Body Lotion – Charming

  • Scarlet Brightening Fragrance Body Lotion – Romansa

How To Use

For best effects, apply Scarlet body lotion evenly all over the body each morning and evening. Wait till it has fully absorbed. 

You also use it with Guerisson 9 complex cream to nourish, hydrate, and brighten the body's skin more effectively. 

Store this product at room temperature.

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Customer questions and answers
How long does it take to whiten skin with lotion?
With three to four months of regular use, these outcomes ought to be clearly noticeable.

If you notice that your new skin-lightening cream is working, you should keep using it every day; after using it consistently for six to twelve months, even better effects may become apparent.

Does skin whitening damage your skin?
Redness, swelling, burning, or stinging are some adverse reactions that may occur from using skin-lightening products.
What is the difference between lightening and whitening lotion?
The degree/severity of the reduction in melanin production determines how skin lightening and whitening differ from one another.

While whitening refers to a more harsh procedure, skin lightening is employed when the treatment is more progressive and the effect is less evident.



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