Is Nihar Jasmine hair oil good for hairfall control and hair growth?

Women today face a lot more hair issues than they had in the past, such as split ends, rough hair, and hair fall.

Nihar Naturals is a product of Marico Ltd, which is known for its heritage hair oils and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of hair.

The brand is aware of your changing demands for hair care and is here to help you maintain healthy and attractive hair.

Read more about its best-selling product, which is the Nihar Jasmine Hair Oil - 8901088028073!


A slender, clear plastic bottle with a green screw cover holds the Nihar Naturals oil. 

In addition, a regulated dispenser located under the lid prevents excessive oil from spilling out when it is tilted.


Methi Extract, Jasmine Extract, Mineral Oil (81 % v/v), Coconut Oil (18 % v/v), Fragrance, BHT

Product Benefits

Nihar Naturals was founded on experience and expertise in hair and made with the goodness of coconut and methi. Thanks to this, your hair receives nourishment from root to tip.

Coconut oil may penetrate ten layers deep into the hair and lock in proteins, making the hair both internally strong and externally silky and lustrous.

Methi as a seed is particularly excellent at promoting hair development, reducing hair fall, and softening hair. 

In addition, Nihar oil is made of light, fragrant coconut that has floral notes of jasmine.

Also, this non-sticky hair oil aids in repairing the harm that pollution, dust, and heat do to your hair, keeping it healthy and beautiful. You can use it in all seasons due to its non-stickiness!

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You can use this Nihar Naturals hair oil either before or after washing your hair, according to your preference.

Before washing hair

Step 1: Take some oil in your hands and massage the scalp while liberally applying it from root to tip.

Step 2: Let the hair absorb the benefits of the oil by leaving it on for a while.

Step 3: Rinse your hair with shampoo to reveal silky and lovely hair.

After washing hair

Step 1: Apply a few drops of Nihar Jasmine Hair oil on wet hair for silky, smooth hair.

Step 2: Incorporate it with water and spritz for a better finish to eliminate frizz.

Step 3: Apply to your hair 30 minutes before washing for soft, gorgeous hair.

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Customer questions and answers
Can coconut hair oil protect from hard water damage?
You are protected against iron water by up to 99% with Nihar Naturals Jasmine Coconut Oil. It creates a protective coat around the hair which prevents it from absorbing damaging iron water.
When does coconut hair oil take result in my hair against pollution damage?
Nihar Jasmine Hair oil - EAN 8901088028073 can restore damage from pollutants in just five uses.
How often should I use Nihar oil?
For healthy, gorgeous hair, an oil massage twice a week should be sufficient.



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