Neo Lotion Grow Hair Spray Hair Care For Hair Growth

Do you suffer from hair loss? Then you should read this review of Neo Lotion Grow Hair Spray Hair Care - 8858853021817 from Thailand.

It is a well-liked hair growth spray that has received a ton of positive user feedback from both inside and outside of Thailand. Learn more about it.


Purified Water, Ethoxy Diglycol, Propylene Glycol, Ginseng Extract, Saw Palmetto Extract, Cantaloupe Extract, Ethanol

Overall Impressions

The Neo Lotion Grow Hair Spray Hair Care And Hair Roots Nutrients Reduce Hair Loss is transparent, colorless, non-sticky, and unscented. A square bottle in a dark green shape holds the product. 

The stopper is a spray nozzle in black. 

You can use a spray on the scalp and let it dry; rinsing is not necessary. Therefore, you can spend the entire day at work after styling your hair.

Key Benefits

So why should you use Thailand's Neo hair lotion? The following are some advantages it offers:

  • Solve the genetically based hair loss, thinning hair, and balding issue clearly and effectively.

  • By assisting with hormone adjustments and preventing DHT from acting, hair loss can be effectively inhibited and prevented.

  • Nourish, heal, and condition the roots of your hair

  • Accelerate the development of hair by stimulating the production of new hair cells.

  • Decrease shedding and the amount of oil on the scalp. Hair roots are difficult to plug as they develop.

  • Aid in improving blood flow to the scalp area, which makes it simpler to develop hair.

  • The addition of nutrients to the hair encourages the growth of new hair, speeds up the growth of long hair, and makes it thicker and softer.

  • Men, women, and older people can all benefit from it. When you stop using it, the hair will still be sturdy and difficult to lose.

How To Use

Step 1: After shampooing with any shampoo, use a fan to dry your hair completely or make liberal use of the heat

Step 2: Make a hair comb or massage your scalp  6-7 times before and after use to stimulate the scalp.

Step 3: Apply Neo Hair Lotion spray all over the bath after waking up and before going to bed. 

Step 4: Give your hands and scalp a light massage for one minute and allow the lotion to dry. Then skip the rinse.

Important Notes:

  • To produce a clearer and faster result, discipline, consistency, and continual effort are required. 

  • Avoid painting or dying your hair while using Neo Hair Lotion since the chemicals in the color will hinder its effectiveness.

  • To notice a noticeable alteration, you should use it every day as directed. Moreover, use two to three bottles, if not more.

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Customer questions and answers
Can Neo Hair Lotion grow hair?
This product can promote hair growth, particularly for those who have receding hairlines.

Which country original Neo Hair Lotion?
Neo Lotion Grow Hair Spray Hair Care is 100% originally made in Thailand.
Is Neo Hair Lotion FDA approved?
This product is made following the highest standards in the industry and is GMP and FDA certified.


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      the protect of original same to same product available in market but very difference your price so I not believe your product original please tell me I am a use a product no side effect please tell me

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