Kamisori Lefty K-20ls 6.0" Black Diamond Salon Hair Shear & Thinner Set Review

Kamisori shears have consistently received top ratings, for example, Beauty Launchpad Readers Choice (multi-year), American Salon Pro's Choice, Hairdresser Journal, and Canadian Salon Hairdresser Favorite Tools.

The brand-new Black Diamond III, one of the brand's iconic models, has been further modified and enhanced to satisfy even the most illustrious of critics.

Learn more about one of its top-selling items, the Kamisori Lefty K-20ls 6.0 - EAN 8901522002348!

Kamisori Shear Star Rating System

  • 3 stars *** - Intended for beginners or inexperienced barbers or hairdressers for basic to the intermediate cutting action

  • 4 stars **** - Shears of a semi-professional grade are made to execute a few limited advanced styles comfortably.

  • 5 stars ***** - Professional cutting tools with fine edges that are durable and effective. High-quality metals combined with Japanese workmanship enable the employment of the most cutting-edge techniques.

  • 6 stars ****** - Black shears that are extremely delicate and made for sophisticated cutting methods. For maximum durability and agility, these instruments are meticulously hand-forged from the finest Japanese high-grade steel.

  • 7 stars ******* - High-end cutting tools, and amazing luxury shears that are unparalleled in performance and durability are crafted from the finest materials and repeatedly tested for perfection.

The Kamisori Lefty K-20ls 6.0" Black Diamond Salon Hair Shear & Thinner Set have rated 5 stars.

Steel Information

The brand employs their specifically formulated Japanese alloy steel KAMISORI V GOLD 10 (VG-10) for this model. 

It has high agility, low impurities, abrasion resistance, stainless steel, toughness, and versatility.

Look at the chemical composition:















Key Features

These cutting-edge scissors from Kamisori are currently used by more celebrity hair stylists than any other brand thanks to the lightweight, ergonomic, and well-balanced shears.

Each pair is skillfully put together using the outcomes of years of research, testing, and expertise. 

Each pair goes through 93 separate meticulous processes in the manufacturing process to guarantee absolute quality. 

Importantly, senior artisans at KAMISORI have been producing hair-cutting tools for decades, and to them, crafting outstanding scissors is a type of art that only a select group of people with considerable expertise can accomplish.

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