The Dr Morepen BG3 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Auto Code Monitor - 8904124004482 is made to keep track of the body's blood glucose levels. 

It is designed for use at home and provides timely, precise results in only five seconds.

Product Specifications and Features


Use as required or as prescribed by a doctor

Safety Information

Customer Questions and Answers

Is Dr Morepen glucometer good?

Your blood sugar levels can be accurately measured with the Dr Morepen BG3 Blood Glucose Monitoring System Auto Code Monitor. 

It is a fantastic option for those who have diabetes or other blood sugar concerns because it is precise and simple to use.

How to know if my glucose meter is wrong?

While blood is being drawn for lab tests, utilize a fingerstick sample to test your blood sugar instead of blood taken during the blood draw. 

Now compare the lab results with the reading from your meter. Results are deemed accurate if they are within 15% of the lab reading.

Is Dr Morepen a Chinese company?

Morepen Laboratories Limited is an India-based pharmaceutical company.

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