Benadryl 150 ml Cough Formula Syrup to Cure Cough and Common Cold

A cough is an abrupt, forceful expulsion of air that aids in clearing any mucus or irritation in the throat or airways. It can be irritating if it occurs more frequently as a result of an underlying illness or allergy.  

If this is the case, here comes Benadryl Cough Syrup 150 ml - EAN 8901012320242. It is utilized to cure a common cold's eye-watering, sore throat, runny nose, and coughing symptoms.

Benadryl cough formula

Benadryl cough formula


Diphenhydramine (14.08mg/5ml), Ammonium Chloride (138mg/5ml), Sodium Citrate (57.03mg/5ml)

How Benadryl Syrup Works

Three medications—diphenhydramine, ammonium chloride, and sodium citrate—are combined in Benadryl Syrup to treat coughing.

Sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes are all allergy symptoms that are relieved by the anti-allergen diphenhydramine.

How does Benadryl Syrup work?How does Benadryl Syrup work?

Meanwhile, as an expectorant, ammonium chloride lessens the stickiness of mucus (phlegm) and aids in clearing the airways of it.

A mucolytic, such as sodium citrate, thins and loosens phlegm to make it easier to cough out.

Key Benefits

Benadryl Syrup is a medication that aids in breaking up heavy mucus and making coughing up mucus easier. 

Additionally, it will ease allergy symptoms like scratchy throat, runny nose, watery eyes, and sneezing. You will find it simpler to complete your daily tasks as a result.

By taking this medication, you can live life more carefree and worry less about the things that make you unwell.


Use different Benadryl syrup dosing for adults and kidsUse different Benadryl syrup dosing for adults and kids

  • Children between 6-12 yrs: 1 teaspoonful (5ml)

  • Over 12 yrs and adults: 2 teaspoonfuls (10ml)

  • Children under 4 years old must not use this product without medical advice.

Every 4 hourly doses are required and 12 teaspoons in 24 hours are the maximum.

Consult your doctor if your cough lasts longer than four days, if you have a medical condition, are pregnant, nursing a baby, or are taking any medications.

Direction For Use

Be sure to adhere to your doctor's recommendations for Benadryl Cough Syrup 150ml dosage and duration. Importantly, read the usage instructions on the label before using. 

After measuring it with a measuring cup, shake the syrup thoroughly before consuming it orally. 

You may take Benadryl Cough Syrup 150ml with meals, but it works best if you have it at the same time each day.

Side Effects

The majority of adverse effects of Benadryl Cough Formula Syrup 150 ml go disappear as your body becomes used to the medication and does not necessitate seeing a doctor.

They may include:

  • Stomach pain/epigastric pain

  • Sleepiness

  • Dizziness

  • Impaired coordination

  • Allergic reaction

  • Thickened respiratory tract secretions

If those symptoms continue or if you have any concerns, consult your doctor.

Benadryl syrup can make you sleepyBenadryl syrup can make you sleepy


  • Benadryl Syrup should never be taken with alcohol. 

  • During pregnancy, it is extremely risky to consume Benadryl Syrup. 

  • People with kidney illness shouldn't use Benadryl Syrup since it's probably not safe for them. 

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Customer questions and answers
Can a pregnant woman use Benadryl Formula Cough Syrup?

Benadryl Cough Formula Syrup 150 ml should not be consumed while pregnant as it could affect the developing fetus. 

Before beginning this medication, you should speak with your doctor if you are pregnant, suspect that you could be, or are trying for a child.

Can I use Benadryl Formula Cough Syrup when nursing my child?
Because Benadryl syrup enters human milk and might harm a breastfed child, it should not be taken while nursing. Before using it while nursing, talk to your doctor.
If I've had Benadryl Formula Cough Syrup, can I drive?

Vision blurring and sleepiness are potential side effects of Benadryl 150 ml.

So, it is best to refrain from driving, operating heavy machinery, or engaging in any other activity that necessitates alertness or clear vision while receiving treatment.



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