100 Pipers Scotch Whisky Reviews

Chivas Brothers initially created 100 Pipers Scotch Whisky - EAN 8901522000023 (as well as 8901522001037), later sold to Seagrams in 1949.

This product was called whisky 100 Pipers in honor of the "100 Pipers who led Bonnie Prince Charlie, Scotland's mythical hero, into battle."

100 Pipers Scotch Whisky

100 Pipers History

Jimmy Lang and Alan Baillie, master blenders at Chivas Brothers, developed the blend in 1965 and it was initially distributed in the US. 

The Scottish flag was taken off the label and the word "Seagram's" was inserted four years later (and still is today). 

In 1992, 100 Pipers became the first Seagram-owned Scotch whiskey in Korea, and a year later, it was introduced in Thailand.

Sales of the 100 Pipers brand peaked in 2005 at 3.4 million cases, making it the fifth-largest standard Scotch in the world after surpassing 2.7 million cases in Thailand. 

Allt-a-Bhainne, the Speyside distillery that Seagram established in 1975, served as the brand's spiritual home at this time. 

In India, where it is also domestically bottled, 100 Pipers' sales were 300,000 cases in 2011.

100 Pipers' sales were 300,000 cases in 2011

100 Pipers Ingredients

Scotch Whisky (cereal and malt distillates with water)

Nutritional Information

100 Pip Scotch Whisky

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100 Piper whisky is a delicate blend with notes of spice, soft smoke, and dried fruit. 

Additionally, it has a medium-intensity woody and fruity scent with a hint of peaty oaky, and vanilla fragrance with gentle honey, making it one of the best whiskey for gift giving.

100 Pipers whisky

Matthew Sheinberg, a specializer in whiskies once wrote:

“Many raw, gritty aromas, as well as a hint of lemon curd, are present in the nose. 

Additionally, there is a slightly repulsive musty smell in there. With a lot of vanilla flavor, the whisky is medium-to-full bodied. 

With some lingering traces of raw cereal and a slightly sweet flavor, the alcohol is somewhat sharp at first. 

Simple and straightforward. One gets what one pays for.”

How to drink whiskey properly? There are many ways to taste whiskey. 

You can enjoy snacks to serve with whisky or combining Scotch with a mixer is a great way to ease into the world of whisky without sacrificing flavor.

It also allows you to try whisky with unexpected flavors. 

You can watch this video for more details:

100 Pipers Price

100 Pipers whisky is a symbol of excellence, tradition, and quality.

The delectable combination of 100 Pipers Whisky is praised for how well it complements one another.

100 Pipers in each volume

The price of 100 Pipers in each volume size (60ml, 180ml, 375ml, 750ml, and 1000ml) is covered below.

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100 Pipers Whisky Price in Delhi

You can check whisky prices at or take a reference of this table:

100 Pipers Price 60ml


100 Pipers Price 180ml


100 Pipers Price 375ml


100 Pipers Price 750ml


100 Pipers Price 1000ml


100 Pipers Whiskey Price in UP

100 Pipers Price 60ml


100 Pipers Price 180ml


100 Pipers Price 375ml


100 Pipers Price 750ml


100 Pipers Price 1000ml


100 Pipers Price in Hyderabad

100 Pipers Price 60ml


100 Pipers Price 180ml


100 Pipers Price 375ml


100 Pipers Price 750ml


100 Pipers Price 1000ml


100 Pipers Price in Assam

100 Pipers 180ml price


100 Pipers 375ml price


100 Pipers 750ml price


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Customer questions and answers
Is 100 Pipers a good Scotch?
The flavor of 100 Pipers whiskey - 8901522000023 is full-bodied and mellow, and it blends perfectly with well-balanced flavors of fruitiness and mild smokiness.
What does 100 Pipers contain?

100 Pipers is a smooth, subtly whisky made from a blend of 25-30 carefully selected malt whiskies.

Since it lacks its own bottling facilities, a large portion of it is produced by the Allt a'Bhainne distillery, which is also owned by Pernod Ricard.

100 Pipers alcohol percentage is 42.8%.

How to drink scotch whisky 100 Pipers?

This is a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed straight or in any cocktail recipe.

You can mix it into any traditional recipe or simply pour it into your favorite cola or lemon-lime soda.

Why is 100 Pipers Scotch Whiskey called 100 Pipers?

It takes its name from the Scottish tradition of bagpipers leading soldiers into combat, specifically from "The Ballad of the Hundred Pipers." 

It recalls the tale of Bonny Prince Charlie commanding 100 Pipers during the uprisings of 1745.

What not to eat with whiskey?

The acidic foods to avoid are tomatoes, pineapples, and citrus fruits. Sweet foods can cause you to drink more and dehydrate faster. 

Spicy foods may ruin the whiskey's taste and they may also make some people feel ill.



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