Good Whisky Mixers: 12 Things To Mix With Whiskey

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You can collect flavorful and good whisky mixers by combining some simple ingredients. 

Creating a great drink is easy, many of which require only two ingredients. Also, you don’t need to use cocktail equipment or anything. 

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You can enjoy good whisky mixers

You can enjoy good whisky mixers

What To Mix With Whiskey?

Is whiskey good for mixing? Of course! And if you're looking for the best whiskey blenders, we've compiled a list below that includes classic and novelty blenders.

Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer

Ginger is an ideal companion to whiskey since it can range in flavor from sweet to spicy to medicinal to earthy, depending on the concentration and context. 

Ginger ale and plain bourbon are a classic entry-level pairing. 

On the other hand, spicier ginger beers and toasted Irish whiskeys go well with Irish mules, which is one of two ways you can choose as to how to drink Irish whisky.

Apple cider

Cider and whiskey make great fall drinks, hot or cold. The drink perfectly blends autumn flavors but throws in vanilla, caramel, or a cinnamon stick to enhance it. 

You can also add ginger beer and soda water. You could call this the 'pumpkin spice' of a whiskey mixer, but it's always delicious. 

A caramel edge accentuates and complements the oak notes. Plus, apples make your whiskey tastier and your body healthier. 

Apple cider is the ideal choice to mix with whiskey 

Apple cider is the ideal choice to mix with whiskey 


Well, vermouth can cheat a little. It's technically sweet vermouth, but in most cases, dry vermouth may work just as well. 

Yet, adding sweet and tasty vermouth to whiskey is a simple way to make the cocktail almost complete.

Add cherries and bitters, and boom, Manhattan. 

It may seem like a cheat, but mixing something into whiskey could make it become one of the best cocktails ever created. 

Soda Water

If you want your whiskey chilled and sparkling, you're in luck. The soda highball and humble whiskey enjoy something of a renaissance, heavily influenced by Japanese bartenders. 

The addition of refreshing sparkling seltzer is best paired with boldly flavored whiskeys. 

For example, whether it's a sweeter side, such as a Suntory Toki specially made for highballs or something fun. 

Add a squeeze of lemon to the highball for a citrus kick. Alternatively, you can fill your glass with lemon ice cubes.

Soda water will help your whiskey tastier

Soda water will help your whiskey tastier


Coca-Cola's sweet earthiness pairs particularly well with bourbon-style whiskeys. You can try the useful tip by sticking with cheap whiskeys. 

Coke isn't the only cola you can use, but it's still the number one choice due to several historical factors. 

Yet, this mixer is not really beneficial for your health as it can potentially cause health risks and dangerous diseases. 


If you don't like whiskey, sweet sodas often mask complex flavors that are things you don't like. Like Coke, Sprite is a safe and great option with many flavors to choose from. 

Sprite is a great choice if you don’t know what's a good mixer with whiskey. You can use Sprite to mix with whiskey to get a perfect drink with an attractive flavor.


Orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime - most flavors and citrus fruits go well with whiskey. Lemon juice is the backbone of whiskey sours and adds a sweet flavor that counteracts the whiskey's apparent booziness. 

In summer, lemonade and whiskey are easy, refreshing, long drinks. During the colder months, citrus essential oils are perfectly blended with mulled spice to create something truly soothing.

Combine grapefruit and blended scotch with the help of honey and ginger to create bittersweet grapefruit penicillin.

Citrus gives you various choices to get good whisky mixers

Citrus gives you various choices to get good whisky mixers


The Amaro catalog is extensive - no two Amaris are alike - so it may take some experimentation to find the right whiskey and Amaro combination for you. 

At Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco, celebrity bartender Todd Smith has successfully combined whiskey with the bittersweet Amaro Averna to create "Black Manhattan." 


What is a good mixer with whiskey? The answer is tea. Due to its constant versatility and reliability, tea is refreshing with whiskey. 

You can use hot or cold tea to mix with whiskey. This will diversify the choices of good whiskey mixers. Either way, this diversity will help you find the right one in the end to enjoy and feel. 

A quite common mixer is Imperial Blue Whisky with black tea and raspberries.

Cranberry Juice

There's cranberry juice for those who love most of what pineapple has to offer in whiskey cocktails but can't handle all the sweetness and sugar. 

The infamous health drink offers a mouth-watering tartness on its own, so imagine the potency after pairing it with whiskey. 

Be sure to check the label on the bottle, as it shares that it contains cranberry juice that tastes great. Also, learn how to drink whisky for good health to use this mixer effectively. 

Cranberry juice you can use to mix with your whiskey

Cranberry juice you can use to mix with your whiskey

Peach Juice

What is a good mixer for whiskey? Adding peach juice to whiskey is ideal for producing a good mixer. The truth is that most juices, including peaches, work well as whiskey mixers. 

But know that whiskey will charm you one day, or at least that's what you'd like to believe. Combine the sweet and tasty peach with the whiskey and enjoy this great mixture. 


Irish coffee is one of the flavorful whiskey cocktails. You can enjoy a simple mixture of coffee and whiskey when adding coffee to the whiskey. Real Irish coffee has a little more, so add sugar. 

A nice one can be topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Cider cocktails, coffee, and whiskey go well with iced coffee and cold brew. With the right coffee beans, you can't go wrong.

Popular Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Do you want to enjoy the great whiskey cocktails? Let’s explore the most common whiskey cocktail recipes below: 

The most popular whiskey cocktail recipes

The most popular whiskey cocktail recipes

Whiskey Sour

Whiskey sours are a great example of less is more. American classics only require a few basic ingredients: simple syrup, whiskey (usually bourbon), and any kind of citrus juice. 

Adding egg whites to the mixture gives it a smoother texture. But it's not necessary for flavor. This is a good whisky to drink straight; you can choose and use it. 


Go to your local drink and order a Manhattan for a classic cocktail, which has been around since the 1870s. 

It can be made with bourbon or rye. 

Still, the more modern version opts for bourbon, a typical type among 7 types of whiskey, and simply mixes your favorite whiskeys, sweet vermouth, and bitters and garnishes with Maraschino cherry or orange zest.



Old Fashioned

The name Old Fashioned says it all. This is one of the oldest cocktails in history. There is no doubt that its quality has contributed to its longevity. 

All you need to prepare is bourbon or rye, simple syrup (or sugar cubes), and a healthy and tasty helping of Angostura bitters. so you can drink wisely.

Bourbon Peach Punch

Bourbon has its roots in the South, so it's commonly used in various fruity tea punches, but we thought peach was one of the better pairings. It definitely speaks to its origin. 

This recipe uses frozen peach slices instead of ice, so you don't have to worry about diluting the drink even if you drink it on a scorching summer afternoon. 

A sprinkling of pepper enhances the bourbon's natural spiciness and enhances the fruit's sweetness.

Bourbon peach punch

Bourbon peach punch

John Collins

Although not as famous as his brother Tom Collins, John Collins is just as delicious. 

A whiskey-for-gin classic, the highball features vibrant citrus from fresh-squeezed lemon juice, balanced and topped with a few ounces of bubbly club soda and simple syrup.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What soda mixes well with whiskey?

You can enjoy the tasty soda and whiskey mixture. Below are the best sodas you can choose to mix with whiskey: 

  • Coke

  • Lemon & Lime Soda

  • Club Soda

  • Dr. Pepper

  • Root Beer

  • Grape Soda

  • Orange Soda

  • Tonic Water

  • Diet Coke

  • Soda Water

2. What not to mix with whiskey?

Here is a list of things that should not be mixed with whiskey. 

  • Ice cream

  • Fruit juices

  • Sweet Mixers

  • Milk or cream 

  • Angostura bitters

  • Dry vermouth

  • Water

3. Can whiskey be taken with Coke?

Yes, it's perfectly fine to mix whiskey and Coke. If that's your whiskey, you can do whatever you want at the end of the day.


The above are the ingredients you can mix with your whiskey for a flavorful drink. They are familiar around you, and mixing it is easy to give a glass of tasty whiskey with a greater taste. If you own whiskey and any ingredients in the list above, try to combine them to collect good whisky mixers and enjoy their perfect taste.

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