Ukrainian App Shows Active Businesses in Russia by Scanning a Barcode

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With the Zrada app, developed by Ukrainian Mykhailo Mozhaiskyi, consumers may find and reject goods associated with the Russian economy.

"We want to boycott products that are associated with the Russian economy."

The app's description states, "There are products made in Russia, products of Russian companies, and products of companies operating in Russia."

The Zrada app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices

The Zrada app is accessible on both iOS and Android devices

Users must scan the barcode of a product to find out whether it has any connections to Russia. 

After determining which manufacturing business is linked to the barcode, the program will look into the company's ties to the Russian economy.

Western businesses are still giving the Kremlin billions of tax dollars, which supports Russia's aggressive campaign against Ukraine. 

According to recent research by the Kyiv School of Economics, worldwide firms, including those that disappeared since the conflict, produced over $213.9 billion in income through their local Russian enterprises in 2022 and paid $3.5 billion in profit taxes.

As stated by the group B4Ukraine, just 44% of Western businesses have left Russia, while the majority, 56%, are still dedicated to doing business there.

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Rating: 4.8 - 50Votes



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