Latest QR Code Scams That Can Immediately Empty Your Savings

Nov 21, 2023 - Views: 438

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India has advanced digital payments far more quickly than many other developed nations. 

Single-click transactions, ranging from simple purchases at a tea stand to significant financial transfers, are now possible countrywide thanks to digitalization. 

Scammers are also taking notice of the increasing use of digital offline payments. 

The newest technique used by phishing scammers to carry out their fraudulent transactions is QR codes.

Latest QR code scams that can instantly empty your savings

Latest QR code scams that can instantly empty your savings

Most of these frauds are carried out via emails and end up on websites that seem real. 

Links in these QR codes can get past several security measures, particularly when emails end up in the normal inbox rather than the spam folder. 

The general users hardly notice the redirection process and do not become suspicious. 

The scammer tracks a lot of information as the victim clicks on the link, including the IP address, location if the browser has location enabled, and much more.

In addition, the autofill feature fills in most of the personal data that may be sold for enormous sums on the dark web. 

In the event that that is insufficient, those who believe the website and complete the transaction wind up paying them the agreed-upon sum of money and granting them access to conduct transactions that deplete their bank account in its entirety.

When upgrading to newer versions of technology, exercise caution when doing so at first. 

Before completing any transactions or providing personal information, please double-check all unfamiliar emails, messages, or links. 

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Rating: 5.0 - 50Votes



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