DENSO Introduces A Free Online Game Called DENSO QR Code Maze

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In 1994, DENSO created the QR code, a well-known emblem on the packaging, websites, and other print media.

It facilitates communication among people on a global scale and gives access to data to businesses and organizations around the world.

The cutting-edge two-dimensional code can read quickly and hold nearly 200 times more data than barcodes.

After initially using the code primarily for inventory control at its manufacturing facilities, DENSO later made the patent freely available, allowing it to spread worldwide.

DENSO received the IEEE Corporate Innovation Award in December 2022 for assisting in the global adoption of QR codes’ dynamic features.

DENSO created the QR codes in 1994

DENSO created the QR codes in 1994

In order to commemorate this outstanding accomplishment, DENSO decided to create the QR Code Maze game, which combines the QR code’s invention and its dedication to a carbon-neutral future with the enjoyment and challenge of a video game.

It is a simple, free web browser-based game that can be played along or with up to five players at any time or location without the need to download any software or applications.

As the name suggests, the DENSO QR Code Maze game asks players to move through city streets as intricate as a QR code while supplying it with energy.

The player who uses their energy the most effectively, controlling both its excess and deficit, and gets to the goal first wins.

DENSO QR Code MazeDENSO QR Code Maze

The game serves as a reminder that wise energy management benefits society as a whole because it not only saves energy and resources but also paves the way for a sustainable future.

People of all ages can enjoy this game.

In Friend Mode, you can play with a select number of your friends or family members, while in Solo Mode you can compete against gamers from around the globe.

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Rating: 4.9 - 50Votes



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