A Covid-19 Detection Hydroalcoholic Gel With A QR Code

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Researchers have created a hydroalcoholic gel that includes a QR code.

It allows users to obtain a test that evaluates their capacity to recognize eight symptoms of Covid and the smell of the substance, quickly assessing their risk of contracting the fatal respiratory disease.

The Pere Virgili Health Research Institute and the team from Spain's Universitat Rovira I Virgili collaborated to develop this technology, which is based on AI principles.

Researchers Develop AI-Based Gel With QR Code

Researchers Develop AI-Based Gel With QR Code

Two of the first smells that persons infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus stop smelling are citrus fruits and apples.

The patent for the AI system is based on a hydroalcoholic gel that has a specific amount of citrus essence added to it.

A total of 500 patients underwent this test since they exhibited Covid-like symptoms.

Alternatively, they were asymptomatic but had been in close proximity to a positive case even though they didn't exhibit any symptoms.

After rubbing the gel into their hands for three seconds, they had to smell them.

If they detected a citrus fruit, the result was deemed negative; if neither the gel nor a citrus aroma could be recognized, the result was considered positive.

Following that, the participants had to complete a brief questionnaire with the results of the scent test and additional details, like their age, gender, and the presence or absence of certain symptoms.

After providing their responses, participants underwent a PCR test to verify the outcome.

The results ensured nearly complete sensitivity (97%), making it suitable as a method for population screening.

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