BBB Warned Against Gift Card Scam In Christmas Holiday

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Christmas and gift cards go together like cookies and Santa; however, they're in the news for a different reason this year.

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) issued a warning to consumers after a social media influencer reported a new gift card scam during the holiday season.

A new gift card scam has appeared

A new gift card scam has appeared

The scammer puts the barcode sticker on top of the original barcode.

Accordingly, when clients purchase a gift card, they are actually loading an entirely different gift card for which the scammer knows all of the information.

The BBB stated in the warning that a $100 Playstation gift card might be placed on top of a $100 liquor store gift card, for instance. 

Unless you spot the scam during checkout, you may wind up activating their card rather than yours.

According to the BBB, scammers are stealing empty gift cards and reprinting the barcodes to apply to another gift card at the store.

How to avoid this scam?

How to avoid this scam?

The BBB offers five pieces of advice for consumers when purchasing gift cards in-person or online to help them avoid falling victim to this scam.

#1: Know the origin of your purchases. The BBB advises dealing with a merchant directly.

#2: Avoid using third-party websites to verify gift card balances. It's better to visit the store directly to verify the sum that is still owed.

#3: The value of the gift cards should be taken into consideration. Although they could appear to be the ideal gift for the individual who is difficult to shop for, there are downsides.

#4: Register the gift card. The BBB advises taking advantage of this since it may make maintaining the balance easier.

#5: Pay special attention when buying a physical gift card. Check the packaging closely to see if there are any rips, creases, or other signs of manipulation as well as check if the PIN is visible.

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