Understand Vicks Inhaler Ingredients & How It Works

A stuffy nose occurs at any time or place. The good news is that nowadays nasal treatment is readily available and portable. 

Vicks Inhaler has been providing quick and temporary "mobile" relief from nasal clogging brought on by colds, which is the Vicks Inhaler Provides Quick Relief From Blocked Nose ( Pack Of 3) - 4987176014955. 

This pocket-friendly tube is a hidden treasure that relieves stuffy noses. 

Vicks Inhaler products

Vicks Inhaler products


Per 0.5ml Contains: Pudinah Ke Phool 41.54% w/w, Karpoor 41.54% w/w, Wintergreen Tel 12.27% w/w, Base q.s

Vicks inhaler expiry date is printed on the product label.

How Vicks Inhaler Works

Menthol, camphor, and pine oil—all of which have long been used as inhalants for their decongestant effects—are included in Vicks inhalers. 

They emit vapors that, when breathed in, have a cooling and decongestant impact on the lining of the nose. Breathing via your nose is now simpler as a result.

How to use the Vick Inhaler?

How to use the Vick Inhaler?

Key Benefits

The Vicks Inhaler Provides Quick Relief From Blocked Nose quickly relieves clogged nose. 

This affordable, portable inhaler helps you breathe more easily and provides momentary relief from nasal congestion. 

It also guarantees that nose treatment is only a whiff away and fits into your pockets and bags. 

In advance, pharmacies can give you Crocin if you get headache or sore throat.


Utilize Vicks Inhaler whenever necessary. Use one nostril to breathe in medicinal vapors while keeping the other closed. Breathing should feel cool and clear after a thorough inhalation.

Utilize Vicks Inhaler whenever necessary

Utilize Vicks Inhaler whenever necessary

Warnings & Precautions

Can I use a Vicks inhaler while pregnant? Using a Vicks inhaler is considered safe for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers as there are no known side effects associated with its use. 

This is because the vapor only acts locally in the nasal passages and only trace amounts enter the bloodstream, which is unlikely to affect the health of the mother or the baby.

For this reason, it’s safe to use the inhaler for blocked nose while nursing or when pregnant.

Side Effects

Most Vicks inhaler users don't suffer any negative side effects. Some have only infrequently complained of nasal irritation.

You should read the enclosed information carefully, or speak with your doctor or pharmacist to learn more about any additional potential Vicks inhaler side effects.

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Customer questions and answers
Is it okay to use Vicks inhaler every day?
Dr. Leslie Koh, a consultant from Changi General Hospital Otorhinolaryngology department, advised against using the inhaler more than three times per day or for more than one to two weeks at a period. (You should visit your doctor and treat the root cause of nasal congestion if you need them every day for more than a week.)
How long should you use Vicks inhaler?
It is advised against using this nasal stick more than 28 days after initial opening for hygienic reasons. If your symptoms don't go away, talk to your doctor or pharmacist.
Does Vicks inhaler help a cough?
Vicks Inhaler ingredients include Pudinah Ke Phool 41.54% w/w, Karpoor 41.54% w/w, Wintergreen Tel 12.27% w/w, Base q.s. Thus, it can assist in halting persistent coughing, even though it cannot cure a cough.



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