Airlines Asked to Issue E-Tickets with Barcode for Quicker Entry

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The federal government made the transition after major airports in India experienced heavy terminal congestion. 

Also, passengers complain about long wait times for airport entry, check-in, and safety test procedures.

Airlines asked to issue e-tickets with barcode

Airlines asked to issue e-tickets with barcode

One of the bottlenecks is at the airport entry gates, a senior government official claimed following a meeting with the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). 

The security staff at the entry gate must physically inspect each passenger's variously formatted air tickets after they arrive.

So even if entry gates at airports like Mumbai and Delhi have 2D barcode scanner, he said that their inability to be used will result in longer lines.

So, the CISF suggested airlines issue e-tickets in a uniform format with bar coding on the same and barcode readers at departure entry gates.

He claimed that such a move could even help prevent people from using fake tickets to enter airports illegally.

Airlines, on the other hand, have objected to this idea, claiming that they are unable to maintain a standard format for e-tickets. 

It's because many tickets are issued by journey brokers, whose systems are unable to read 2-D barcodes.

Additionally, small travel agencies won't have the resources to issue tickets with barcodes, according to the airline's government.

Further, he argued that the government needed to allow airlines to make web check-in mandatory. 

It would allow passengers to have a boarding card with barcode on their phones.

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